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HARMONHOUSE™ Designs brings to bear a unique blend of expressive imagination and meticulous care upon a wide spectrum of digital print and audio communication projects:
  • Web page design, HTML coding and editing, site maintenance;
  • Typesetting, book design, brochure design;
  • Digital art, photography, image editing, logo design;
  • Copy writing, editing, copy-fitting, proofreading;
  • Audio rendering of text content.

Examples of these may be accessed on the HHD Examples Page.

Our overarching service is communication. This involves not only the technicalities of HTML editing and digital graphic design, but includes the subtle nuances of word meaning, clarity, construction, spatial organization, and many unique imponderables which, when done successfully, are hardly even noticed, yet contribute significantly to the primary objective of communicating your message effectively.

If you resonate with our style and approach to communication, and require assistance with a digital or print communication project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

J. Harmon GrahnJ. Harmon Grahn (a/k/a Harmon) has many years' experience in graphic design, writing, photography (analog, digital, and cine), computer support / liaison, and Web site design. Prior to 1975 he held various graphic arts / printing positions with firms in San Francisco, California, and Boulder, Colorado. In 1975, while working concurrently as a foreign correspondent for a New York newspaper, he co-founded the Association for Education and Development (AED) in Nairobi, Kenya. Beginning in 1982 he worked primarily as computer liaison / support for a daily newspaper in Washington, D.C. Since 1989 he had been, until mid-2002, a homesteader on the Olympic Peninsula in (the other) Washington, where he authored the online essay series, The New Paradigm; established the Freedom Digital Library, and authored many additional essays; provided technical and audio production support for a local radio station; and founded HARMONHOUSE™ Designs. He now resides in Taos, New Mexico.
[Photo credit: Jennifer Grahn.]

Note that these pages are currently in the process of redesign and reorganization. However, in part to preserve continuity with the past, an earlier version of HARMONHOUSE™ Designs is available from the Archives Page.

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