J. Harmon GrahnHarmon has many years' experience in graphic design, writing, photography (analog, digital, and cine), computer support / liaison, web site design – all focused upon the objective of enhancing the human condition upon the planet. Prior to 1975 he held various graphic arts / printing positions with firms in San Francisco, California, and Boulder, Colorado. In 1975, while working concurrently as a foreign correspondent for a New York newspaper, he co-founded the Association for Education and Development (AED) in Nairobi, Kenya. Beginning in 1982 he worked primarily as computer liaison / support for The Washington Times in Washington, D.C. Since 1989 he had been, until mid-2002, a homesteader on the Olympic Peninsula in (the other) Washington, where he authored the essay series, The New Paradigm, provided technical and audio production support for a local radio station, and founded HARMONHOUSETM Designs. He now resides in Taos, New Mexico, where he is industriously at work on behalf of his clients, and numerous creative projects. [Photo credit: Jennifer Grahn.]


The Print Services of HARMONHOUSETM Designs

HARMONHOUSETM Designs have published Harmon's latest book, Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World, under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation Licnese, in both HTML and PDF formats. The PDF version, with high-resolution color illustrations, may be reproduced in any quantity, and distributed in accordance with the GNU FDL. The intent behind the work is that it may inspire visionary authors and myth-makers to participate collaboratively in a comprehensive mythology for a post-civilized world. And it further exemplifies HARMONHOUSETM design capabilities. So if you have an ambitious or modest print project waiting to be born, drop us a line; we may be able to help.





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Freedom Digital Library

The Freedom Digital Library is a step along a path to realization of Harmon's long-standing vision of a free and open non-institutional learning institution, "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike school" (to adapt a phrase from Douglas Adams), freely available to anyone. Harmon continues his life work toward realization of a planet that works for all humanity, and for all Life.

HARMONHOUSETM was first given formal expression in a draft document written along about 1988 or '89. If you are interested, you will find it reproduced here. A good deal of water has passed under the bridge since those days – the World Wide Web, to name only one item – and the current manifestation of HARMONHOUSETM Designs may seem but a small fraction of the original vision for "HarmonHouse." Actually, it is exactly that: specifically, the "small fraction" that is intended to keep bread on the table, and a roof over our heads while our visionary explorations in search of a "better world" continue apace.

The primary instrument of this exploration has taken the shape of the Freedom Digital Library, not by premeditated plan, so much as by a process of incremental and organic evolutionary growth. If you find "resonance" with the spirit of this ongoing project – or even if you don't – and you have a digital or analog communication project with which we may assist you, then perhaps you may wish to take advantage of the services provided by HARMONHOUSETM Designs. Thank you for your time and attention.

Love, Peace, Joy, Now,

J. Harmon Grahn
Taos, New Mexico

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