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"Dear Friends"

by J. Harmon Grahn

23 February 2003
Dear Friends,

This is rather urgent, because it is time-sensitive, and is to inform you of a "Virtual March on Washington" taking place Wednesday, 26 February 2003, in which you may participate, if you so choose, by signing up at Following is the boilerplate letter they sent me, encouraging me to "get the word out" to those with whom I am in contact:

Subject: Join me in a Virtual March on Washington Please join me NOW in registering for a Virtual March on Washington for February 26th. We are asking Congress to stop the Bush administration's rush to war, and to Let the Inspections Work. Time is running out. With your help, on February 26th, every Senate office will receive a call EVERY MINUTE from a constituent, as they receive a simultaneous crush of faxes and email. In New York and Washington D.C., "antiwar rooms" will highlight the progress of the day for national media. Local media will visit the "antiwar room" online, to monitor this constituent march throughout the day. With your help, every Senate office switchboard will be lit up all day with our antiwar messages. This will be a powerful reminder of the breadth and depth of opposition to a war in Iraq. Just go to: Please join me and sign up today. This has never been done before. Let's be part of it.

Those are the basic facts; to which I can add that I signed up myself thismorning, and will be making my scheduled calls to Washington Wednesday afternoon. Additionally, I had fax messages sent, which I understand will also be dispatched during the same day by [], to the following effect:

"Dear Senator,

"I write today as a participant in Win Without War's Virtual March. I am one of the majority of Americans concerned that President Select Bush's rush to war is dangerous and unnecessary.

"In my opinion, 'War on terrorism' is an oxymoron. War IS terrorism, writ LARGE. Certainly preemptive war has no place in the action of a peaceloving, just, humanitarian people, and those who engage in it, or threaten to, are remembered as history's terrorists, tyrants, and villains.

"Our nation needs to support tough United Nations inspections. Going to war with Iraq will kill thousands of civilians and soldiers, create an atmosphere that breeds terrorists, and divert money from programs that can really create a safer and more just society.

"Please do everything you can to support the inspections process and resist our nation rushing to war.


...followed by the name and address information I supplied on the site; which is set up so that you may use their message, substitute your own, or some of both. I opted for a little of both.

I believe if it were not for the Net, this warmaking Juggernaut being steered by a relative handfull would overwhelm the peaceful intentions of all the world's people. The Net is in place, however, and has already played a decisive role in coordinating a global movement for PEACE beyond anything ever witnessed before in human historical memory. Be sure while you're here to examine the other items on display on the accumulating Peace page of the Freedom Digital Library. It may well be that there is no higher or more urgent priority right now than to advance the cause of Peace worldwide. For at least a few reasons why, see William Pitt's article, "Of Gods and Mortals and Empire."

Love, Peace, Joy, Now,