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"Dear Friends"

by J. Harmon Grahn

18 January 2004
Dear Friends,

I would like to draw your attention to a Generic Postcard [ ] I am sending to five of the nine Justices of the United States Supreme Court:

Chief Justice William Rehnquist
Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Associate Justice John Paul Stevens
Associate Justice David Hackett Souter
Associate Justice Steven G. Breyer

U.S. Supreme Court
One First Street
Washington, D.C. 20543

A postcard, by the way, is delivered more easily and swiftly than a letter, because it offers no opportunity for delivery of a "hidden cargo." For the reason behind this particular postcard, read the Dove Report, 13 January 2004 [ ].

Briefly, the (interminably) pending announcement and implementation of NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act [ ], has been stalled once again, allegedly for bogus reasons engineered by those who wish to consolidate their economic, political, military tyranny upon all residents of planet Earth. The above named Justices, with the exception of Chief Justice Rehnquist, all demonstrated their position of potential *support* for the announcement and implementation of NESARA by ruling *against* George W. Bush in the year 2000 election case. Rehnquist and the other four Associate Justices ruled *in favor* of "slecting" "Dubya" as the *de facto* "President of the United States." Accordingly, Dove believes, and makes a persuasive case, that an international postcard campaign aimed particularly at the Chief Justice, and the four Associate Justices who *opposed* the "selection" of Bush Jr. in the 2000 "election" (so called) might persuade the Justices to act on behalf of NESARA, specifically to submit a petition to the World Court in The Hague, Netherlands, to establish a timely window for announcement and implementation of NESARA. This is of critical importance to all residents of the planet, because the announcement and implementation of NESARA brings to a crashing halt the campaign of the rogue regime in Washington, and releases the economic stranglehold established by criminal international bankers upon productive human commerce throughout the planet. Naturally, those "in power" are exercising to the utmost their formidable economic, military, political, and media resources to delay by any means, and ultimately stifle the announcement and implementation of NESARA, for NESARA ends their "reign of terror" upon the planet.

So I am joining in this postcard campaign to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to act on behalf of NESARA. This they have standing to do, since NESARA was allegedly put together in response to a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1993 in favor of the U.S. Farmers' Union, which had since the late 1960s brought suit against U.S. banks and the federal government for fraud. This case and ruling had been kept under strict Gag Order pending the actual announcement and implementation of NESARA, which has profound impact upon the entire economy of the planet, not only within the borders of the United States. For details (of which there are many) read Dove's Historical Overview of the True NESARA Law [ ].

On my "Dear Friends" page [ ], I promised to keep these messages to a minimum length:

"The communications you receive from me via e-mail will be brief, will not include any attachments, and will merely inform subscribers that there is a new "Dear Friends" letter posted to this page; with possibly a *brief* description of its contents. That's about it."

So that had better be about it. This message is already a good deal longer than the postcard message [ ] that prompted it.

Love, Peace, Joy, Now,