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"Dear Friends"

22 September 2004
Dear Friends,

The Metaconsciousness Myth
by J. Harmon Grahn

The idea of metaconsciousness is presented as a myth, not a theory. A myth is couched in mystery, "in the hands of the gods," where a theory harbors pretentions, or ambitions of validation, which may eventually give it a place within the corpus of "The Truth." Once something has been recognized as "True," it is supposed to be a solidified, crystalized, permanent part of the landscape – although it is amazing how many recognized "Truths" turn out to be mutable and volatile after all, with the passage of time, or shifts in culture. (Well, it's not really amazing; for all so-called "Truths" are really myths too, for they can be nothing else.)1

Unpretending myths, however, are much more flexible than myths masquerading as "Truths." Myths are mutable and volatile by nature, and no one is surprised if a myth changes and grows over time, or even evaporates altogether, once it has outlived its usefulness. Also, myths are shaped in part by the gods themselves; or if you prefer, by the metaconscious process of "natural selection." There is no way to "prove" or "disprove" a myth; although, like theories, myths can be supported to varying degrees by the evidence of experience and rational analysis, and are most nearly "proven" when they are found to work in practice. Theories, I submit, as well as the entire rigid concept of "The Truth," are an integral part of Taker culture. Myths are a natural part of Leaver culture.2

The metaconsciousness myth is essentially this:

[W]hat we call consciousness, intelligence, and creativity are humanly recognizable manifestations of a spontaneous property of complex systems of all kinds which manifest along a wide spectrum which, like the electromagnetic spectrum, is mostly invisible to human perception. In this view, the humanly recognizable qualities, consciousness, intelligence, and creativity, are a narrow subset of a much broader phenomenon associated with interactive systems of all kinds, and of varying complexity. I will coin the term metaconsciousness as a label for this hypothetical [mythical] phenomenon, which is constant in kind, variable in degree, and manifests to human perceptions within the narrow band we call consciousness, intelligence, and / or creativity.3

The metaconsciousness myth is a restatement of the myth of the gods, in all its many forms, and is intended in part to serve the purpose of a "bridge" between Taker and Leaver cultures. Taker culture, whose mythology presumes that Ours is the only right way to live, and all people should live as we do, and that The earth was created for us, and we were created to conquer and rule the earth, have long since abandoned the myth of the gods. Takers believe in effect that they are the gods, and that the Law of Life, which may apply to all other beings, is not applicable to Takers.4

This, as we are discovering, is a profoundly unfortunate, murderous, and suicidal mythology; and most damningly of all, it doesn't work in practice. Yet like it or not, being "native Takers" ourselves, it is our mythology, our cultural heritage for the past ten thousand years. It is no small thing to abandon one's native mythology, or one's culture, and it is folly to suppose it can be done simply by "changing one's mind." That may be a good place to start, but it is only the beginning of a complete and utter metamorphosis of what one has been, into something entirely else – comparable to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

This we can do, with the metaconscious assistance of the gods; yet we should be fully aware that it is not a process that is automatically going to happen to us. Left unatended, our course is already firmly set, and its unswerving destiny is extinction – for you, for me, for all our children and potential descendents, and for our parents and all our ancestors, and all their dreams and hopes for a "better world." If the present human course is allowed to proceed unchanged to its targeted destination, it will be as if none of this had ever happened, as if genus Homo had never stepped upon the Earth. Life may go on here (cockroaches and rats may survive), but human life will have no part in it. That is what lies at the terminus of the present human course.

If we intend an alternative destiny, we must cease being Takers and become Leavers instead. This is not "a good idea," or "a nice thing to do." It is an uncompromising prerequisite for continued survival of humanity on Earth; and it is something each of us must do for ourselves. It requires persistent effort, and it requires that we understand where and what we have been, and where we intend to go, and what we intend to become – at least in general outline.

So much for laying out "the stakes in the game." There is no point in dwelling morbidly, however, upon "the dire consequences of failure" – beyond having an awareness that they are there, waiting in the wings for us, sould we "fail." A tightrope walker is well aware of the consequences of losing his balance; yet this is not where he places his attention. Likewise for us, it is much more productive to draw into our awareness a vision of success for humanity. What would a "successful humanity" look like? How would life on Earth differ for a "successful humanity" from what we are experiencing today? I propose for your consideration that the metaconsciousness myth sheds valuable illumination upon these questions, which are otherwise difficult for we who have experienced, personally and by cultural heritage for the past ten thousand years, life exclusively under the oppression of Taker culture.

As has already been discussed,5 humanity, taken as a whole, seems not to fit the prediction of the metaconsciousness myth; otherwise one would expect the human population to have long since spontaneously combined into a transcendentally metaconsciouss entity of extraordinary consciousness, intelligence, and creativity. These qualities are frequently encountered among individuals, yet the "mass of humanity" considered as a single entity, if I am not unfairly biased, appears singularly obtuse. How can we account for this?

As discussed in the passage just mentioned, the "blame" for this anomaly, if you want to put it in terms of "blame," lies at the feet of a single human culture, our culture, the Taker culture, which has gained dominance over all the Earth, and pursues its ends ultimately by means of pre-emptive force.6 As has also been discussed, it is the nature of pre-emptive force to stifle metaconsciousness, by foreclosing options and choices, and by progressively diminishing complexity and variety everywhere it touches the web of Life.

According to the metaconsciousness myth, the vital elements for the functioning and evolution of metaconsciousness are diversity and complexity. How these bootstrap themselves into being is ultimately a mystery, yet somehow they do, and the surrounding universe, and particularly the Earth, are filled with an astonishingly rich menagerie of living organisms, and the biological habitats that sustain them. Earth had been an ideal nursery for the evolution of metaconsciousness – until the recent appearance of Taker culture about 10,000 years ago. The effect of the expansion of Taker culture (a/k/a "civilization") has been the progressive and accelerating process of a massive "leveling," or "flattening" of the naturally occurring "humps and hollows" that give the world its life-sustaining, life-proliferating diversity and complexity. This is done in countless ways, large and small, and is typified by the process whereby an ecologically rich forest is leveled and replaced by monocrop agriculture, or by a city, or a "parking lot" (meaning, metaphorically, any artificially engineered structure that serves a single, exclusively human purpose).

This is what civilization does. It is a built-in function that is as integral to Taker culture as building honeycomb and filling it with honey is an integral function of a colony of bees. Bees make honey; civilizations make "parking lots." The more bees, the more honey; the more civilization, the more "parking lots." Honey and honeycomb do not conflict with the spontaneous proliferation of diversity and complexity in the world, and so do not conflict with the evolution of metaconsciousness. Taker "parking lots" destroy diversity and complexity, replacing them with homogeneity. Thus Taker culture, intentionally or not, is effectively at war with metaconsciousness; or to put it another way, is at war with the gods. The two cannot coexist, yet without the gods, without metaconsciousness, Life cannot function. Thus the evident "stupidity" of humanity at large is one of many consequent side effects of civilization, because it is a natural outcome of the civilized "war on metaconsciousness."

So, we have the well-established drift of contemporary humanity, which is swiftly tending toward extinction, unless we make a major "mid-course correction;" and we have the civilized "war on metaconsciousness," which destroys the naturally occurring environment that nurtures and promotes the expansion of metaconsciousness – among people, and at large on the planet. Therefore, I suggest, a very productive and healing strategy to adopt for those who wish to reverse this catastrophic trend, would be deliberately to engage in activities calculated to promote the expansion of metaconsciousness.

The objective of this strategy is not to "save civilization." Civilization is beyond redemption, because at the core of its mythology are the convictions that

As long as civilization exists – "not much longer now" – it will be at war with metaconsciousness, and with all of Life. This of course is suicide, not to mention murder, and it is fundamental to civilization. Civilization is its own worst enemy, as well as the worst enemy of anything living, and is incapable of sustaining itself "for very much longer," simply because it is parasitic to the core, and it has all but devoured its host, planet Earth. A parasite that devours its host must either find a new host, or perish. That's the entire menu.

The strategy to engage in activities calculated to promote the expansion of metaconsciousness is aimed not at "saving civilization," but at saving the world; which includes securing for whatever portion of humanity as are able to survive the collapse of civilization, a sustainable place in whatever portion of the web of Life as also manages to survive the collapse of civilization – if any, of either.8

Saving the World

How might such a world-saving strategy be implemented? In any way that, contrary to the trend of civilization, replaces "flatness" and homogeneity with "lumpiness," diversity, complexity, and variety. There are many ways of doing this, and I don't expect to be able to think of all of them. I'll mention some that occur to me, and possibly this will suggest others to readers who are not tuned to exactly the same frequencies I am.

Metaconsciousness appears and is nourished in response to the analog of "synaptic connections" among "neurons" in any dynamic, complex, information-sharing system. The Internet is particularly suited for many aspects of this process, on global and local scales; yet the Net is not the only venue appropriate to such endeavors. I suggest that those who wish to take steps to nurture the evolution of human metaconsciousness make use of any available means to...

Many choices we make in daily life, although they seem inconsequential, have a profound cumulative nurturing or stifling effect upon the collective human metaconsciousness. Practically every choice we make in some way either adds to or subtracts from "the naturally occurring 'humps and hollows' that give the world its life-sustaining, life-proliferating diversity and complexity." With surprising consistency the "easy choices" most often have the ultimate effect, one way or another, of stifling metaconsciousness; because that is either how Taker civilization is deliberately engineered, or it follows automatically from Taker mythology, or both. In either case, one often has to "go out of one's way" to make the "metaconsciousness-enhancing" choices, which may be immediately more costly as well than the "easy choices" that tend to stifle metaconsciousness.

I suppose the question then is, What's it worth to you to contribute to saving the world? Taking particular note that you are not required to answer to anyone for your choices, only to take responsibility for and bear their consequences, here are some additional questions you might ask yourself in the process of evaluating the overall effects of your choices in relation to the nurturance or stifling of metaconsciousness:

Above are concerns that leap out at me when I consider what we're doing, and not doing, to nurture the expansion of human metaconsciousness. I'm sure there are others that have not occurred to me, possibly in domains which have not drawn my personal attention. I am hoping that others will bring such concerns forward so they may be added to the list.

Metaconscious Humanity

Now what if we were to combine our efforts in removing some of these obstacles to the expansion of metaconsciousness among the human residents of planet Earth? I have a hunch that after whatever is going on now among global humanity has run its course, however long that may take, whoever and whatever are left standing "after the dust begins to settle," are going to have a fundamentally altered view of things from what we have had for the past ten thousand years. In particular, I imagine that no one who has gone through all that, and survived, will ever again countenance the thought or the possibility of allowing anyone or anything else to pre-empt his or her individual free choice, about anything. And I imagine future generations will carry this principle forward as the foundation upon which they erect their mythologies and social organizations.

Given this principle as a starting point, and put into practice in every human endeavor, it is easy for me to imagine people – that is individuals – everywhere living by two bedrock principles:

  1. Do whatever you like;
  2. Allow all others the same liberty.

This is the simple pair of rules by which every individual may choose to conduct his or her life – not because some (unavoidably bogus) "authority" declares these principles as some kind of "new law," but because every surviving individual knows by hard experience that this is the only basis upon which a social structure that works can possibly be erected. Together, they act as an automatic "governor," or "thermostat" to keep social organizations on every scale in dynamic balance.

A governor on an engine is a mechanical device which automatically reduces the fuel supply, or closes the steam valve, as engine RPMs climb toward the upper limit of a "safe running speed," resulting in a reduction in RPM. A thermostat monitors the temperature and turns the furnace down when it gets "too hot," turns the furnace up when it gets "too cold." The tandem rules, Do whatever you like / Allow all others the same liberty, operate in the same way in any social structure to which they apply.

A social structure is a relationship of any kind between or among two or more individuals. If any one of them is not at liberty to do whatever she or he likes, the social structure, sooner or later, will fail. Conversely, if any individual is able to pre-empt the liberty of any others to act likewise, the social structure, sooner or later, will fail. Both principles are essential, and it is the responsibility of each individual to make it so. The alternative is war and destruction of the social structure; and I think by the time any of us are able to crawl out from under the wreckage of collapsed civilization, there won't be anyone alive willing to do that again.

Okay; given this much as a foundation, what might surviving humanity build upon it? Well, if the two principles, Do whatever you like / Allow all others the same liberty, really are the common understanding among surviving humans, then there is no reason not to trust each other, and cooperate with each other, and build strong and lasting relationships and alliances with each other, is there? No one is about to trespass the sovereignty of anyone else, because no one would tolorate it for a moment if anyone did; so there is no reason not to get close, and really share each other's consciousness, intelligence, and creativity. Hay! how about that: metaconsciousness in the making!

Up to now, when we have contemplated metaconsciousness, we have usually been talking about something taking place at a "lower level" than that of human individuals. That is, we have been talking about the metaconsciousness of a colony of bees, or a school of fish, or a neural network of simple CPUs in a massively parallel computer. These are manifestations of metaconsciousness we may be able to apprehend, at least conceptually, because they (presumably) lie somewhere "below" the threshold of the metaconsciousness of the trillions of neurons and other cells in our own bodies which manifest in what we experience as the consciousness, intelligence, and creativity of individual humans. So far, we have not attempted to imagine the metaconsciousness that might emerge from totally unfettered relationships among significant numbers of sovereign human beings; and I'm not sure I am equal myself to the imaginative task.

In other words, what happens when the individual "cells" forming the "synaptic connections" that synergistically ignite into metaconsciousness are not swarms of insects, or fish, or "marginally intelligent silicon processors," or neurons, but are in fact highly conscious, intelligent, and creative human beings? What order of metaconsciousness might emerge from combined humanity that bears a relationship to ours, individually, as ours bears to that of the individual neurons in our nervous systems? As Bertie Wooster used to remark from time to time to his man Jeeves, "The mind boggles."

Rebuilding the Leaver World

To carry this entirely into the realm of speculative fiction, let us imagine that the collapse of civilization does not destroy the life-sustaining capacity of the planet; that a viably diverse representation of plants and animals survives; that significant (although significantly reduced) human populations emerge; and that enough of the existing global infrastructure remains to support communication and commerce among widely dispersed surviving enclaves.

Of course I have little idea how much or how little violence and destruction realistically to imagine in the process of a complete civilization-collapse. I presume that Taker culture "will not go gentle into that good night," and so those who emerge relatively unscathed will count themselves (that is ourselves: it is essential that we include ourselves in such imaginative scenarios) extraordinarily fortunate. We may nevertheless be pleasantly surprised at how much useful technology can be salvaged from the wreckage. Surely it is not too extravagant to hope that there will be machine tools here and there, and even entire factories that can be salvaged and put to "post-catastrophe" productive use? And individuals with the skills, or the ability to acquire them, necessary to operate such tools and technologies? All this rests ultimately "in the hands of the gods," yet it seems to me not an unrealistic hope.

I also harbor a "pet theory" – er, myth – that there exist at this time (i.e. right now) a number of viable energy technologies which have been kept carefully out of general circulation by the Taker pharoahs, yet are understood by a surprising few individuals who may be more likely than "the average" to survive the collapse of civilization.9 If so, and particularly if the Internet survives the collapse (which I find quite plausible),10 some of these technologies for harvesting energy "out of the vacuum" may emerge and, no longer suppressed, may spread with surprising swiftness, making possible a rapid recovery from the late "catastrophe."

There may be readers who are skeptical that any such free energy technologies exist, or are even theoretically possible. While I cannot prove that such skepticism is misplaced, I can explain why I give credence to what we may call the free energy myth.

  1. The Universe itself is believed alike by scientists, theologians, and philosophers to have originated "out of the vacuum," either through a theoretical event called the "Big Bang," or as a continuous process called the "Steady State," or by fiat of a Diety. All these are myths, yet they are given very serious and widespread credulity, and it is difficult to imagine theoretical or mythical alternatives to them. If the entire content of a Universe can credibly emerge "from nothing," why is it so difficult to believe that useful energy can emerge in the same way?

  2. The most widely known mathematical formula on Earth, particularly outside mathematical circles, is Einstein's formula for the equivalence of matter and energy, "E = mc2." In application, this formula means that a physical mass (expressed in grams) contains a quantity of energy (expressed in energy units called "ergs") equal to the number of grams in the mass multiplied by the speed of light (expressed in centemeters per second) "squared," or multiplied by itself. The math is not complicated, and works out like this: The speed of light c = 2.998 × 1010 cm/s; c2 = 8.998 × 1020 cm/s; × 1000g (1kg) = 8.998 × 1023 ergs; = 8.998 × 1016 jouls; = 2.497 × 1010 kWh (kilowatt-hours). That is, by the E = mc2 formula, one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds of attoms, contain 24,970,000,000 kilowatt-hours of energy. Quite a package! At the rate I pay for electricity, $0.073 per kWh, that works out to $1,815,067,877 USD worth of energy: 2.2 pounds of atoms. The "E = mc2" formula has come to be associated in most people's minds with "atomic energy," the arcane field involving fission and fusion nuclear and thermonuclear reactions in uranium, plutonium, and other rare earth radioactive isotopes – which are decidedly not readily accessible to "Gyro Gearloose" home-shop experimenters. But Einstein's formula is applicable to "atoms" – any atoms, all atoms; and atoms are accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time. So too, presumably, given the appropriate technology, or know-how, is the energy they contain. And not only the energy contained in atoms. I understand that Einstein has remarked to the effect that there is enough energy in a teacup of hard vacuum to boil all the oceans on Earth. This energy has since been given the designation, "zero point," because it refers to the limitless energy that exists even at "absolute zero," the lowest theoretical energy state of matter.

  3. There are numerous reports in circulation, some of which are accessible through the FDL Energy page, of credible experiments and laboratory devices which demonstrate in various ways the viability of free energy. The field is murky, and the arguments of detractors and skeptics are often as difficult to penetrate or confirm as are the claims they endeavor to "debunk." The jurry is still out on this speculation, yet some of the arguments for free energy are quite persuasive.

  4. The Taker culture that has dominated human affairs for the past ten thousand years has had the single agenda of control, specifically of the "pyramid builders" by the "pharoahs," in every form and manifestation they have assumed throughout "civilized history." During the past century or so, energy has become an increasingly critical factor to the Taker ("pharonic") agenda, and as new and innovative energy technologies have been discovered, the pharoahs have without exception taken whatever measures have been necessary to maintain an energy monopoly throughout the planet. Under this regime, the only energy technologies that have been developed for widespread use have been technologies that share the property of making energy valvable and meterable for sale in the marketplace. This property gives the pharoahs an incalculably powerful lever of control, as long as they are able to maintain their exclusive energy monopoly (and incidentally, control the medium of exchange used in the marketplace). The widespread availability of free energy irrevocably eliminates the pharoahs' energy monopoly and the lever of control said monoply puts into their hands. Therefore, it is not surprising that the pharoahs have exercised limitless pains to retain their energy monopoly, and have suppressed by any and all means every free energy technology that has ever emerged – even to the extent of teaching all who attend Taker schools, from kindergarten to graduate school, that such technologies are theoretically and absolutely impossible.

I rest my case. I find the free energy myth credible. You, as always, may believe whatever you wish.

I enclosed the word "catastrophe" in quotes a moment ago because events may unfold for the survivors in ways that may have us rejoicing and thanking the gods for such extravagant blessings. For one thing, as someone has remarked (Mark Twain, I believe), "There is nothing more exhilarating than being shot at and missed." For another, imagine if possible how the mammals may have felt after the "catastrophe" that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs. Mammals were present on Earth all during the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods of the Mesozoic Era, a matter of over 100,000,000 years; but the reptiles thoroughly dominated the Earth during all that time, and the mammals were barely able to keep a few representative species alive in obscure ecological niches not entirely overwhelmed by the dinosaurs. Then about 65,000,000 years ago, something "catastrophic" happened, and the dinosaurs vanished from the Earth, and some of their mammalian contemporaries survived. With the dinosaurs gone, the mammals swiftly flourished.

Similarly, we may have cause to wonder how catastrophic after all is the "catastrophe" that is right now swallowing up Taker culture, and ("if all goes well") will make opportunities for surviving Leavers to build unmolested upon the wreckage. There is nothing "written" anywhere, however, that insures events "have to play out this way." The dinosaurs could just as easily still be here too, in which case we would probably never have been born; genus Homo may never have evolved. All this is assuming, therefore, that we not only survive, but that we really do "get it" that there is nothing more precious to us than our individual sovereign liberty; and on that basis, that we commence building metaconsciousness amongst ourselves, instead of attempting to replace the old Taker tyranny with a new one. Perish the thought! This is why it is not too soon right now to take such measures as those suggested above for the promotion of metaconsciousness.

Now imagine a "post-catastrophe world" in which the surviving humans really do understand the folly of our Taker past, and are determined never to go down that path again; in which the technological infrastructure is not entirely destroyed, and enough individuals with the appropriate know-how to resurrect it remain – including some with knowledge of the heretofore suppressed energy technologies that make abundant and entirely non-polluting energy freely available. We may thereby have the means to rebuild swiftly; yet because of what we have meanwhile become, former Takers who have morphed into Leavers, what we rebuild is almost but not quite entirely unlike what was destroyed by our folly of ten thousand years' standing.

A wrecked or abandoned automobile factory, for instance, could possibly be retooled for production of vehicles powered by reproductions of Edwin Gray's EMA Motor discussed by Peter Lindemann; or by Tom Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator; or by any number of other "over unity" devices currently understood, but suppressed by the "dinosaurs."11 Of course there are many problems with the manufacturing techniques we shall be inheriting from the Takers, and these we will endeavor to remedy as swiftly as possible.12 Replacing fossil fuel and nuclear energy technologies with non-polluting "over unity" energy technologies will expedite a giant stride in this direction, from the moment these technologies cease being suppressed.

The proliferation of free energy technologies, coupled with the proliferation of metaconsciousness among an emergent humanity with the universally shared fundamental "rule base,"

  1. Do whatever you like;
  2. Allow all others the same liberty.
will make possible a human culture upon the Earth the like of which has never been seen, or even imagined – as far beyond civilization as Taker civilization claimed to have been beyond Stone Age culture (but wasn't). The details of such a culture are infinitely variable, and consequently impossible to predict. Yet, if we keep our wits about us, it seems to me safe to assume that all of us who see that dawn will be mighty glad to have arrived in the finally resurrected Leaver World.

For me, this is a world devoutly to be wished, because it is a world which retains all the challenge and interest of life in a physical environment in which every action bears consequences, and the dynamic dance of Life proceeds with unfettered liberty. Yet it is a world "washed clean" of pre-emptive agents laying fraudulent claim to the "godlike authority" to decide "who should live and who should die." It is a world in which by universal consensus the Law of Life is returned with reverence and gratitude to "the hands of the gods," to the metaconsciousness of "All That Is." I believe I should very much enjoy living in such a "clean" world, and that future humanity would at last be at full liberty here, to soar to endless and unimagined heights. I cannot think of a "happier ending" to this phase of the human adventure in Cosmos; or a "happier beginning" to its sequel.

This essay is followed by a sequel, A Pact With the Devil, "Dear Friends," 10/14/04 edition.


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