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The Freedom Digital Library has evolved over the course several years. In a former incarnation it went under the name, for a time, of The New Paradigm; and by stages and degrees emerged eventually in its current livery.

What has emerged – not by premeditated plan, but by a process of incremental and organic evolutionary growth – is a "Distributed Library" of diverse materials, dedicated to the ideals of Peace, Freedom, Individual Sovereignty, and Authentic Power. For elaboration, see our Draft Vision Statement.

Featured Section Featured Section: From time to time we highlight a "Featured Section" of the Freedom Digital Library. Today, we draw your attention to Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World, an Electric Book by J. Harmon Grahn.

Featured Section Distributed Library: The gradually accumulating categories of information indexed as "distributed content" of the Freedom Digital Library. This amounts to our "Card Catalogue" for locating information of interest, and for bringing such information to the attention of FDL users.

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