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Following are comments extracted from Harmon's e-mail from many parts of the world, the most recent at the top, in response to ideas expressed in The New Paradigm.

  • Subject: Please include me on all YOUR mailing list

    Dear Mr. Harmon:

    I received your site from a friend who wanted to share. What I have found there has been nothing short of comforting. Your publication(s) has helped me alot and my intention is to share this material with others of like mind who are open to it.

    So, in conclusion, I can only wish I had my hands on these type of info to share. Please include me on ALL your mailing list without any reservation, period. Thank you for all that you do to bring some light into what really matters, I'm grateful for the wisdom you project to those truly open to these type of exposure. Keep sharing and God bless.

    Yours truly,


  • Dear Brother,

    I stumbled onto your site by accident, I don't even remember how. What I have found there has been so comforting I felt I must share with you. I read first "I Love You" and progressed from there. I have been trying to distinguish much of what you were saying lately and it was very enlightening for me to see it all in context. Your work has helped me alot and my intention is to share this material with others of like mind who are open to it. Thankyou for being you, I'm grateful for the wisdom you project. Keep sharing!!

    Your Sister in Love & Peace,

  • Harmon, I have a sense through your writings not only of a searching, eloquent, fertile mind, but also of genuine modesty and, to use that extraordinarily open-ended word, humanity. Surely, this amounts to more than a hill of beans. You undoubtedly will have distorted the "true Tao." How can one commit the formless into form? Doesn’t Lao Tzu himself start out with this very question? Words being both forms and formed inhabit the same half way house we humans must live in. Words cannot be the Word, and the Word itself, the Creative Potential springing out of Unknowable Potentiality, even that Word is incapable of expressing its own source.

    Many people today view language as debased. Perhaps so. There was a time, was there not, when the ancient Irish used poetic rhetoric to rouse the waves to assist them in battle. This was a different "use" of language from the proto-technical commands of the Persian emperors to the Mediterranean in their wars against the Greeks. Poesis as "making something happen", so to speak. How so? By invoking the energy at the core of things. Can we still do this? Why not? Not to influence the swells and eddies of the sea, perhaps, but to stir the metaphorical waters of the psyche. Aren’t you doing your bit in this, your minor but deft contribution to the "sea change"? Please do not underestimate your impact. What may seem like just talk to you can affect others quite differently, as evidenced by some of the people who wrote back in appreciation of you. The old Talmudic injunction against precipitous speech ("A word let loose is like an arrow let fly") can also be interpreted as acknowledgement of the precision words can attain: how accurately they can "hit" a target.

    You speak of some sort of psychic communication as the only real one, and seem to imply that this is, of necessity, other than communication through words and images. But do you really believe this? Are words and images to be seen as clumsy tools for the third dimensional realms, vastly inferior to the instantaneous transparency of higher dimensional "psychic" communication? Is there really such a thing as transparency? I mean, is there truly a "medium" utterly free from distortion, outside of pure potentiality? Consider water, that most transparent of earthly elements. Does it not bend sunlight – is this not then a form of distortion?

    I think you are quite right in stating that we can only learn, never be taught, and that we can only communicate when some sort of psychic communication occurs. But I'd venture all of this is so precisely because we’re all on separate but linked pathways. We each exist on multiple levels yet perceive temporality according to the dictates of the 3rd dimension. Whatever "sacred" contracts we individually have with life in a current incarnation will cause us to interact "paramagnetically" with some but not with others. For reasons we can only be obscurely aware of, we will be able to communicate effectively with certain people, not at all with others. This has absolutely nothing to do with culture, class, education or other forms of conditioning, though these too, of course, play their role.

    Briefly, I find your thoughts on energy and economy and on peace and stillness to resonate strongly with mine and I hope to discuss this further after I have read more of what you have to say.

    Let heart and mind be one,



  • Dear Harmon,
    My thoughts have been with you ever since I received your last New Paradigm a few days ago.  ...  Your email had a great impact upon me, for I have been feeling there is so much finality in everything now.
    In my own life I have been going through the most challenging emotional ups and downs, wondering where I am going, as I stand still.   At times my trust in the spirit has gone out the window, until I am picked up again by the wondrous Source.
    The New Paradigms have been (I am sure)  profoundly important to those who have had the good fortune read them.

    There is one thing I know, and that is we either walk our talk, or stand back hoping some day there may be an opportunity to actually live it.  Of course that time will never come, because there is only now, and the creative moments exist only in the now.
    Words may be superfluous, yes, but they are still important tools for humanity. Without them where would we be, you and I, for words have revealed much, have they not?  You have a wonderful way with words, a literary gift which you have used to help many people, and for that I am very thankful.  I am so glad to have met you, and yes, I definitely feel a connection with you, ...and sincerely hope one day we will meet in the physical.

    Thank you Harmon for your wondrous words, and for connecting me with Wingmakers.  I am sure you will see in a future time the importance of the work you have done.  When you view things from a more expanded level you will see the power of yourself and your connection with your soul in your writing.  I am sure you will be led to work again in this way.  Honour yourself for the gift you have given.
    Love and blessings,

  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #17

    Hello Harmon,

    I want to thank you for all the writing you have done. I will miss those profound thoughts, even if I did not agree with some of your thoughts it gave me the opportunity to get my own mind to think. Harmon, it has been an incredible pleasure to get to know you through your writing.  I hope we get to meet in person some day.

    thank you again,
    keep in touch,


  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #17

    Hi Harmon,

    You have done a wonderful job with The New Paradigm.  I applaud you for the incites that you have written.  And I will miss them.  Please let me know when the Free Library is up.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • Subject: Thank You

    Dear Harmon:

    During the past 8 or 9 months, I have read all of you're New Paradigms and have loved every minute of it!  My thank you goes way beyond what you wrote.  Through your web site I met a wonderful friend, Karen Mills Irving from NZ.  She and I have been corresponding.  You also gave me info on SOULutions web site and I have had door after door open up to me through Soleira, Santari, and Helen!

    We often go through life not knowing how we have touched other peoples' lives.  Thank you, Harmon, you have helped me along some of the hurdles in my path more than you will ever know.

    Wishing you the very best, Love,

  • Dear Harmon, [R. O. D.] sent me you latest on Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.
    I believe you have been achieving both no matter how hard it appears or is and I for one wish to thank you for you time and effort. It is a simple but profound belief that you can make the difference. Your heartfelt writings have both Walked the Walk and Talked the Talk and regardless of self judgement or even others judgements.
    To this end it is worth noting that what comes from the heart has a far greater effect than one might believe and has, does and hopefully will continue to create the new Paradigm that we know needs to be created on our planet. To this end your own contribution is very much valued by many and adds to a new heart centre within ,on and around our planet.
    To Talk the Talk aligns the energy to Walk the Walk and each are as important as the other for when you Talk the talk you are affecting others in profound ways and confirming that you are indeed Walking the Walk.
    With great respect and in Love and Light, L. W.

  • From: R.O.D.
    Subject: Words & Power

    "What I Have Learned"
    [The HTML edition of this essay is online at

    What I have learned, mainly, is that it is vastly easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk of the "new paradigm."


    Howdee, partners!
    Happy Monday!  Harmon, in the above essay, reflects an understanding that has come upon me, recently.  Basically it is that I have used words as a substitute for other forms of expression that might well be more appropriate.  Too often, I babble.  I talk to fill the void that I sense between us.

    I know in my innermost sanctum that I am & we are this enormously powerful being.  Every thought, attitude, feeling, and conscious expression is creative.  When you first learn to play chess, it seems like the first few moves do not matter much so long as you pay a little attention to what the othe fellow is doing.  As you start playing more expert players, you discover that YOUR FIRST AND EVERY MOVE IS CRITICAL.

    In life similarly, I have been content to rock along mostly just doing enough to get by.  I do believe that my/our margin for error is gone.  There is a shift in progress.  Some say that we are moving to a higher dimension, an ascension in effect.  Be that as it may, I know that my every thought word and deed has repercussions that extend beyond my immediate event horizon, AND SO DO YOURS!

    In between the lines of all our words, there is a more subtle message.  Implicit statements that empower, encourage, and reassure can and are being shared among all of us who REMEMBER that we are the co-creators of this day!


  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #17

    Dear Harmon,
    You know from your searching that there is no seperation, all apparent things are interwoven, energy must flow. Whatever we recieve from life in the form of understanding, we must continue the flow by passing it on in what ever way we can and allowing others to take from it what they need.
        So you feel the need to go off into other dimensions of life exploration, wonderful, let others go with you . You have the unique gift of discernment and a way with words that brings clarity to those that cannot see so clearly.
       My teacher Ramesh Balsekar has said '' My words are not the truth but they point to it''  Yours can do the same, because you have the thirst for understanding, so where ever you seek you will find what you need and with your gift of words the folw will pass to others  and more pieces of thier puzzle will fit togther.
       We are all in this process together to one degree or another please think again.
          Lots a Love S.

  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #17

    Dear Harmon,
     At any rate, you are one hell of a writer, and I think that all you've written is true, so it all has meaning, and there is value in meaning, so I thank you for all that.  I think you have a way of looking at all things on the finer levels, and that is where the truth is. You are on the right track, as all thoughts have a start, and by the time we get the thought it is highly diluted, and you seem to have always been trying to get back to where the thought first started, which is where it is the strongest. Perhaps upon death is where we go all the way back to the beginning of every thought we ever had, all at once, and perhaps this is the very power that brings us into the next life. If so, see you there.

    Thanks Ever So Much,

    Best Regards Always,


  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #17

    Dear Harmon,

        Well, this is indeed a sad day for me to have just read this your last issue of 'The New Paradigm'. I have enjoyed receiving your musings and reflections over the past four years (even though some of it has gone over my head!). Because you are such a well read, knowledgeable, and intellectual person - which I am not- it has been an ongoing source of wisdom and thought provoking facts and ideas, that has opened and broadened my mind a little more than it would otherwise have been - and for that I sincerely thank you. I know we are of 'like minds', even though you come from a much higher plane than I. There are not too many that I can look up to, but you stand head and shoulders above the mob. I further appreciate the time and effort your beautifully written prose must have taken, without seeking any financial return.
        Finally, I would like to think that you will remain in contact to those of us who appreciate being enlightened. I presume you were with F/A, because so much of what you have written echoes Augie's work. If this is the case, then I have further endorsement that we are of similar 'beliefs'. Let's continue to hope that one day F/A or it's offspring will prevail, as along with yourself, these have been of great significance to me in the last five years.
        Thank You, Harmon, for being such a good source for thinking about life and the directions that are on offer, and hopefully will remain so. In Health, Wealth (in all it's forms) and Happiness, A. McK.

  • Subject: "Peace, Be Still, Part II"

    Hi Harmon,

    This article is beautiful.  I thank you for writing it as it is much needed.  I have forwarded it to some of my friends so they can share it as well.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • Harmon:
      I had intended to await a reply to my first e-mail to you, but I just cannot.  After reading your TNP Vol I, No. 3 with Sue Fowlers marvelous stuff, I simply felt compelled to request inclusion on your E-mail list for all subsequent offerings.

      I tend to be the calming influence in many venues.  Well, you and James and Sue have upset my apple cart.  The subtlety and comprehensive nature of your spiritual understandings just blows me away.  Many of my prior concerns have been to attempt to effect the sort of clarity that you and your cohorts obviously have, in others and in myself.

      Your preface to Vol. I, No 3 on "communications" was so great that I had to post it on our e-group immediately.  I feel like that kid who just found an enormous pile of Easter Eggs or the 2 year old looking up at this huge Xmas tree and all the presents in the world.  I celebrate your being who you are and we are.

      I look forward to any and all of your future offerings with a humbled heart and the joy of having discovered a jewel of great price.


  • Hi Harmon.
    Thank you for your quick response.... I have recently read all the articles you have on line *The New Paradigm* and the new WingMakers additions. You do a really good job asking sound question. I also resonate with the material.

    Keep up the good work.
    Love and Light,

  • Subject: Last New Paradigm

    Hi Harmon, I agree with everything you say. Good on you!
    Love and Light,

  • Harmon-

    I just wanted to say thank you for responding so quickly to me, and for putting me on your email list.  I also wanted to comment on the fact that you actually took the time to read (and quote) my email.  So many just have a pre-written robotically written email to say the usual thank you for signing, or thank you for your question.  Its so nice to be reminded that there are actual people on the other end of these machines (over-rated toasters) that take the time to read and respond, and not some automated confirmation letter sent to thousands. :)

    Oh, and yes I can read the newsletter just fine.

    Thanks again! ... and I will introduce my friends to your websight!  Im sure they will find it as interesting as I have.


  • Hi Harmon,

    I read with great interest your assessment [vol. IV #5] of Wingmakers in Nexus. I am a friend of Kerry Knight and have tried to follow the bumpy road of this phenomenon for some time now. I must tell you that you're the first person who has made sense on this issue, and I totally agree with your assessment.

    Particularily, I have become somewhat cynical of the "powers that be" that are in total control of the situation and yes, I also find "15" et al at ACIO and Labyrinth indistinguishable from the possible predator invasion forecast in the future. The mentalities are identical. Their vested interests will also prove similar, I'm afraid, and the public will not benefit from anything they may accomplish. The paradox, of course, is the rich spiritual, philosophic and scientific richness of the material being brought fourth by Neruda, and his good sense in extricating himself from another "fuehrer". I don't use this term lightly since it is an established fact that the mentalities involved here are direct descendents from Operation Paperclip in 1945. From what is currently known about this intolerable situation, I think I would rather face an alien invasion than entrust myself to these folks.

    Keep up the good work!MMMMMMMMMH.

  • Dear Harmon,
    it was with great pleasure i read your latest notes [vol. IV #5] in nexus 8/3. especially the part about all beliefs and manifestation, in  particular i have found in my dealings with others that "a fear unreleased-will manifest itself as an experience. (which confirms fifteens current state) and like many others on the planet, iam trying to make myown personal world a better place by understanding the implications of my thread of light.
    best wishes,

  • Hiya Harmon,

    I'd like to thank you in writing "wingmakers revisited" [vol. IV #5] That is a GREAT article.  I've read it a couple times now and I'm extremely impressed.  I really appreciate you mentioning my site [http://www.wmresearch.cjb.net]. :)  I really also enjoy the FDL project [harmonhouse.net/fdl/ (retrospectively)]. Its a wonderful Idea, and I placed a spot on my site because I really believe in what you are working towards.  I'm honoured in hosting a link to FDL.

    Take Care and best of Wishes.
    Warm Regards,

  • Subject: WingMakers Philosophies

    Dear (Harmon)

    So far, I have just started reading what you have to say regarding WingMakers.

    I LIKE your mind.

    I think you are quite into the WingMakers Philosophies, and have a Heart-Felt understanding of them.

    However I will read on what you have to say.

    Kindest Regards


  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. IV #6

    Absolutely fabulous writing and thinking...couldn't have put it better myself.  And it gave me a lot to ponder and think about, even though I had formulated these thoughts myself, but tend to forget them in the mad rush to "be" someone.  Thanks a million...


  • Hi Harmon,

    It's always a pleasure to meet people on the web who resonate with the WingMakers' material. Thanks for your email. Your review [vol. IV #5] is excellent. Well written, incisive, and very informative. Thank you. I'd like to include it on the WingMakers' site [www.wingmakers.com/ebook/1source/index.html] with your permission if I may.

    There is a CD disc that will have a variety of new materials as well as the music files, book, hi-res art images, new music, and quite a few new writings. I'll give you a heads-up when it ready to ship. I think you'll find it very interesting.

    Once again, thanks for your email and excellent review.

    Kind regards,

    Mark [Hempel, Webmaster, www.wingmakers.com]

  • please cancel the new paradigm newsletter.  i find it too wordy

    i also inadvertantly sent you and dale reese [vol. IV #3] a visa card offer.  i used the wrong email list.  it was not intended to start WW III, but evidently you intellectual snobs just cannot hit the delete key, rather have to email the sender and start a big rowe. is this your "new world order" of doing stuff, to snap back at people for the slightest infractions?  you used the term "discontent".  well, cancel the newsltr - i'm not interested in anything you might have to say on any subject.  as a favor to you, do not reply to this, your address is blocked and it will just come back to you, so do not bother - just hit the delet key and be about your business.  what a bunch of smart asses!

  • Dear Harmon,

    I read your Creation Myths [vol. III #12] which I liked and was in tune with.  If one put together much of the good channelled material on the subject of a simplified conversation with God it would be similar to yours (in case you haven't read a great deal of channelled material).  I still haven't read the book Conversations with God though.  Personally though I tend not to agree with their view that one can get bored on those very high levels or need company--but I admit it is implied.  These are just human concepts.

    Best regards,

  • Subject: PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!

    I've just come across your site and I absorb all Spiritual information.  I have had my Spirit bruised lately and this kind of information/reading assists me in my healing of my Spirit.  Don't give up if others seem to be negative.  There are those of us that don't write to you, that need this information.

    Thanks much.....


  • this is intended to be a short "hello" and request to be added to whatever mailing lists related to "new paradigm"  (the word 'paradigm' has intrigued me since the first hearing of it).

    i appreciate your approach and attitude concerning our existence and wish to know more about you and yours while sharing whatever i can that would be useful.

    i will download all i can meanwhile and contact again.



  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. III #12

    Hey, keep it up. I'm always interested in your outlook. Unconventional, even contrarian, thinkers are what moves history forward. Your treatises are thought provoking. I don't always agree with you, but I am always reading your train of thought as it becomes available, and I have been instructed, provoked, titilated, and at times even outraged. I implore you to keep it up. I'll always be a listener to your unconventional and intriguing themes. The world needs more like you.

    God Bless


  • Dear Harmon,

    I heed your call from your recent posting and I gladly desire for you to continue with the new paradigm.  Let it metamorph as you see fit. :)  Your site speaks in a language all can understand, as opposed to some websites that speak in out of this world jargon that takes infinity to understand.

    I love your recent dialogue with Source, and I would love for you to continue that dialogue publicly.  So I say, continue with the webpage, there is at least one visitor.


  • Harmon,
    In response to your query as to the interest in your New Paradigm writings, I have to say that I look forward to hearing from you on a regular basis. Although I find some of your thoughts to be a little abstract, I do find them extremly interesting. I always enjoy another point of view of life and I certainly see that in your subject matter. Keep up the good Work! I look forward to your next installment.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Harmon,
    Long time indeed, but then again what is time anyway.
      Anyway, I think the tnp ought to continue. I think that the word shim still puts female first, as it begins with an s.  I rather think that a different term ought to be found, but I'm having a bit of difficulty finding one.
    I think the tnp could lead somewhere someday when the time is right, or the timing of happenings comes to a certain point.  It would be a shame to just let the fire go out.  After all, does it not stand for something, for people, for life, for nature, for evolution, for everything?
    Well, I'm going to go have a look at the web site.  Keep up the good work, B.

  • Hi Harmon,
    yes, it has been awhile since I had received anything from you. I love reading "The New Paradigm". Please don't stop. I am looking forward to the day we get to meet face to face.
    Talk to you soon,

  • Subject: Re: *The New Paradigm* vol. III #12


    [In bold - bright expression:]

    Do Not Abandon the TNP ! !

    Even if the TNP were to become an annual message (though quarterly is general timing of what my gut delivers), the content has continued to serve as a reflection, confirmation or interrogatory of the intrinsic substance of this process for which we must have signed up. Your Conversation with Source is thoroughly enjoyable and echoes the jovial tone and kindred connection of my communications with Spirit over the past ten years or so.  It would be an outright shame to loose the opportunity for sharing such inspiration in the way you have facilitated for these four years.

    Thank you for choosing to be who you are, Old Friend.  I am deeply honored to have you in my experience, and infinitely grateful to feel a member of your clan, as you are of mine.

    In Love and Light,


  • Subject: Re: Government & Law

    Beware! Mr. Grahn's message contains much truth, but ends in a serious scriptural error. He applies the statement, "I and my Father are One," to himself. In John 10:30, Jesus Christ makes this statement, clearly referring to himself, and to no one else. Only the Messiah can justly claim oneness with God. When we attempt to elevate ourselves to equality with God, we commit the same sin committed by Lucifer, and bring upon ourselves the same condemnation, unless we repent. We are to seek the liberty of serving God, not the license of setting ourselves up as Masters of equal to God. "As one sows, so shall he or she reap." Amen.
    M. I.

  • Subject: seven observations

    Right on Harmon.  I sent it to everyone I know.  Thanks

  • WOW!  What a TNP [vol. III, #4] this time.  I had no idea who started the WWW or when, or any of the particulars.  Thanks for all the insight and info on this.  How refreshing to give credit to someone for their accomplishments - while they are alive!!!  Usually they are not noticed until after they have "moved on".


  • Dear Harmon,

    I've read a couple of your extremely well-written essays.

    Your 'Knowledge' [tnp vol. I, #31] essay indicates a high appreciation of the finer points of quantum theory and you are clearly conversant with the more valid interpretations of it.

    Amongst many other readings I am getting through at the moment I will continue to study your excellent material.

    Many thanks,

  • The latest New Paradigm [vol. II, #13] is really great Harmon. I hope it is widely read.
    Love, K.

  • Hey Harmon,
    Volumn 13 [vol. II, #13] - the best yet!! Go man go.


  • Hi Harmon
    Just to let you know that your newsletters are read and absorbed by us, my father and I discuss them and believe you to be very wise and insightful... Sometimes it may seem you are doing all of that and wonder where it goes so I'm letting you know it goes far and wide through the ones on your list... people are growing and taking in new ways of dealing with life as a co-operative.

    Its quite a process this change in consciousness and has been happening for eons of course, I believe that our focus on linear time tends to make us hang out for the result without appreciating the journey .. the eternal "now" moment is the most powerful space to dwell.... Thankyou Harmon for being who you are.....
    Love S.

  • Happy New Year Harmon!
    Yes, I definitely want to get back on the New Paradigm list and receive any editions I missed. I consider it among the most valuable info I receive. Thanks and keep up the good work. I'll try to keep my mailbox cleaned out from now on.
    In Love & Light

  • Harmon,

    I just returned from Mass this evening and found your latest New Paradigm paper ["Religion," vol. II, #2]. The opinions were entirely on the mark and anyone who might be offended didn't read it well enough or dosent have a good enough basis in knowlege to see the distinction between faith and knowlege. Keep up the good work.

    Merry Christmas.


  • Hi Harmon,

    I must tell you that YOU and your wonderful writings have been a great inspiration to me and at times when I have not felt strong over the last few years.......I have taken much pleasure and found many reasons to continue what I do just from reading YOUR WORDS........ You have helped me in many ways and I Thank you for that !!!!!!!!

    Dear Harmon Love & Light Right Back At You !!

    The Kindest Of Regards

  • Hello.
    I enjoyed [tnp vol. I] #37 very much. As yourself, I've not witnessed most of what I've read about on this subject. Some of those close to me have experienced episodes quite similar to those expounded upon in the "ufo" literature. It seems to me that you have a better than "average" grasp of this subject & I thank you for your insights & this forum in which they appear.


  • Harmon,

    Your contribution on Love [vol. I, #34] is inspired. Each morning I greet myself with this verse, which hangs on the wall next to my bathroom mirror. I don't know who originally wrote this wonderful reminder of the choice I am responsible for making in each moment.

    Fear is the energy which contracts,
    Love is the energy which expands,
    Fear wraps our bodies in clothing,
    Love allows us to stand naked.
    Fear clings to and clutches all that we have,
    Love gives all that we have away.
    Fear holds close,
    Love holds dear.
    Fear grasps,
    Love lets go.
    Fear rankles,
    Love soothes.
    Fear attacks,
    Love amends.

    Release the quest for survival of the fittest and victory of the strongest and embrace the Glory of the Most Loving.

    Thank you for your continued insight,

    Your companion in Love and Light,


  • Dearest Harmon,

    Thank you so very much for including my prayer in your outrageous newsletter [tnp vol. I, #32]. I love it! People need to start discerning truth and I feel your newsletter will help them start questioning. You have my permission to pass the insights and prayer along to anyone. It is going to take an enormous effort to get up to speed before May 2000. But the rewards are beyond comprehension. The Blessed Mother loves us so much and she wants all her children to come back to her. Thank you again for doing your part in help the Mother.
    Blessings in Her Holy Name,

  • Dear Harmon:

    I enjoyed your essay on reality and quantum theory very much [tnp vol. I, #31]. ...Your conclusion that "it all boils down to an irreducible subjective choice" in quantum theory is quite insightful and harmonizes with my own thoughts along those lines.

    I look forward to reading your work when I need a philosophical lift. :>)


  • Hey howdy Harmon, [The New Paradigm vol. I] #30 is another superb piece of literature. You've got some line there my friend. Where in the world you keep coming up with all these eloquent ways with words is beyond me but as I read them and they fall in place, it makes so much sense that it is as if I am remembering what I forgot. Looking at the big picture of all that is in #30 one cansee how all comes full circle, as in corruption being self correcting. It all makes me think that if you could somehow apply your insights to a machine you'd have perpetual motion.

    Anyway #30 is mind blowing and artistically written.  Keep up the good work, your friend,

  • Hi Harmon
    Many thanks for the not inconsiderable efforts you have expended in helping me begin to understand you and the things you believe in. You never cease to amaze me with your enthusiasm and optimism. If a greater proportion of the world's population thought as you do our futures would be more certain.

    Best Wishes,

  • Harmon...

    Thanks for sending your New Paradigm essay. You spent a lot of time thinking this through; it shows. Keep thinking, I wish the world had more people like yourself, we would be a lot better world.

  • Dear Harmon,

    It is with honor and admiration that I request to be added to the distribution list of your New Paradigm communications. Over my years of association with Fortuna, few have embodied so much with so little, and you, my friend, stand at the pinnacle of the written communication from the heart. I stand joyously in your light and clarity.

    My blessing to you and yours.

  • Harmon you are a good man!  Keep up the your good work. You are getting the truth out to a lot of people!
    E. DeG.

  • Hello Harmon,
    Your words have, "hit home", to me. They are just "music-to-my-ears". You are a "master of verse", and be very proud of it. ...It was well worth opening my mail this morning, to hear so much POSITIVITY.... You should be given some sort of award for your "point-of-view". Nothing short of inspirational...!

  • Dear Mr. Harmon,

    You have a gift for getting through the dark and seeing the light in everything. You are definitely an example of love and true vision.

    Thank you,
    B. Di S.

  • Harmon, this one [vol. I #10] goes past Holycowwow, way past, I'am speechless except to applaud, thank you, W.B. PS, My speech seems to be coming back, I think you woke me up while you were knocking me out. Jesus himself couldn't have hit the nail on the head any cleaner. Harmon, there really is nothing more I can say as you've said it all, thank you, W.B.

  • Dear Harmon,

    We may not agree on all levels, but I'm wholeheartedly with you when it comes to issues of trusting the 'Humanness' of the 'Priesthoods' to which we subject ourselves. A point to note is the 'authority' to which the Catholic inquisitions and the reams of Hitler and Pol Pot placed themselves, to name but a small sample.

    Keep up the good work in getting us to exercise our minds in order to get them fit enough to resist the urge to 'prostrate' our selves before "empty" idols and "would be" gods.

  • Harmon
    Brilliant!! just brilliant, as usual!
    many thanks

  • Hi,

    Got it with no problems!  Thought provoking stuff, I will have to take time out to visit a few of those sites and do some research.


  • Hi Harmon
    Please add me to your subscriptions list. you do put some beautiful messages on the list, I only wish that I had the same grip of  words like you do....


  • Hi Harmon
    Please include me in the list to receive and share ideas on the new paradigm. Its a wonderful happening.

  • Harmon, God bless you!


  • I suspect there is a spiritual content, as well as an economic and "control" aspect, in what you are saying. James Redfield's book, The Celestine Prophecy, was enormously popular in North America because, I think, he touched this same nerve you are jangling - namely that people are looking for a better way.

    I enjoy reading your "stuff".

    Thanks and God Bless

  • Thank you for your enlightened writings--read with interest.


* Surprisingly, this is the first unambiguously hostile response to The New Paradigm so far received. Tnp was never expected to be positively received by everyone. I still marvel, and rejoice, that it is positively received by anyone. The altercation was over some "spam" Dale and I received, which was sent to a visible list of e-mail addresses, in which ours appeared with others. Dale took exception to this, and came to the (erroneous) conclusion that by not sending blind copies I had neglected to protect the identity of the New Paradigm List, and the list of tnp recipients had consequently been "stolen." Time was when this might have been the case (see vol. I #2, 12/9/97), written before I knew the meaning of "Bcc." However, since learning this vital tidbit of "netiquette," as noted in a sequel [vol. I #10, 1/23/98], the New Paradigm List has been protected and has not been visible since the publication of vol. I #8, 1/10/98, the last date the distribution list of e-mail subscribers was not concealed in the "Bcc" field. Nor has the New Paradigm List ever been used for "spam," or for any purpose other than the distribution of The New Paradigm itself. There have been no exceptions to this, and I do not anticipate any. H.


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