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Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World
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Appendix C. Revision History of This Work

1 April 2008: V 5.1.0, added II.8. The Myths of Life and Death; minor revision of Introduction, Epilogue; added Riane Eisler, Sacred Pleasure to the Bibliography.

7 December 2007: V 5.0.0, merged former section I.6 with I.5. The River and the Cataract; replaced former section I.6 with I.6. The Hacker Tribe; merged former sections I.7, I.8, and I.9 with I.6. The Hacker Tribe; replaced former section I.7 with I.7. Lessons From Life; replaced former section I.8 with I.8. Lessons From History; replaced "The Past 245,000,000 Years" chart at the top of I.8. Lessons From History, and edited text accordingly; replaced "The Rise and Fall of Minoan Crete" chart in the subsection of that title in section I.8; replaced former section I.9 with I.9. The Future of the Future; replaced former section I.10 with I.10. September 11, 2001; replaced former section I.11 with I.11. Toward a Post-Civilized Mythology; removed former sections I.12, I.13, and I.14; combined former Volumes I and II into a single volume; removed former Volume III for future development as a separate work; renamed and significantly rewrote Introduction from former Introduction to Volume I; removed former Introduction to Volume II; adjusted internal footnotes throughout this work to match up with above changes; added internal subsection links near top of most HTML files; replaced the Isness graphic at the top of II.1. A Post-Civilized Creation Myth; replaced the galaxy drawing in Cosmological Scale Expansion, section II.5; made minor wording changes to various pre-existing sections; added II.6. The Myth of Metaconscious Evolution; added II.7. Integration of Mythologies; rewrote the Epilogue; somewhat expanded the embrace of my gratitude and appreciation in Appendix B; added the following to the Bibliography:

V 4.1.1 remains available unchanged here.

17 December 2006: V 4.1.1, minor adjustments, including footnote links among sections I.4, I.14, and II.5.

7 December 2006: V 4.1.0, added II.5. The Myth of Objective Reality; added the following to the Bibliography:

25 October 2006: V 4.0.0, total reorganization of the existing text into three (or possibly more) volumes, including a different naming / numbering convention for major sections, and corresponding HTML files; added Introduction to Volume I, Introduction to Volume II, Introduction to Volume III, and III.1. Vision for a Future History; substantially rewrote I.4. Metaconsciousness Among the Quantum Fields; appropriated Appendix B for Acknowledgments and Appreciation; added subheadings to the table of Contents, and to some sections not previously bearing them; added the following to the Bibliography:

additional editing, adjustment, and minor rewriting throughout the text; V 3.1.4 remains available unchanged here.

5 May 2006: V 3.1.4, rewrote the Tribe section of the Prologue; added Andrew Bard Schmookler, The Parable of the Tribes, to the Bibliography; additional minor editing and error correcting.

24 April 2006: V 3.1.3, reordered the list of Conditions for Social Success, section II.3; additional minor editing and streamlining.

31 March 2006: V 3.1.2, added subheadings to sections II.2 and II.3.

20 March 2006: V 3.1.1, rewrote and annotated section I.14; edited minorly other sections referenced by section I.14. Added the following to the Bibliography:

17 February 2006: V 3.1.0, added II.4. The Myths of Infinity and Hierarchy.

14 February 2006: V 3.0.0, total reorganization of the text into two volumes. Extensively rewrote and expanded section II.2; added II.3. The Myth of Human Destiny. Added the following to the Bibliography:

31 December 2005: V 2.0.2, corrected the error of misclassifying members of the family, Pongidae as Hominidae, in The Example of the Bonobos, section II.2.

27 November 2005: V 2.0.1, added ELLEN MARIANI vs. GEORGE W. BUSH, et al., 11/26/03, to the Bibliography, and edited the first paragraph, and the single footnote in section I.13.

17 November 2005: V 2.0.0, added II.2. Myth of a Golden Age. Meticulously edited virtually every chapter, especially to tighten historic and prehistoric chronology consistent with the academic myth that the "first civilizations" had their inception approximately 5,000 years ago, not 10,000 years ago, as loosely represented in prior versions. Added the following to the Bibliography:

Changed the font in the PDF version for titles, page headings, and page numbers. Adopted the version-numbering convention common in software development, "n.n.n" wherein the first number signifies a major revision of the entire work; the second number signifies addition of a "feature," in this work a new section; and the final number signifies minor changes, editing, and "cleanup."

19 July 2005: V 1.00, major revision of I.11. Lessons From History, incorporating disclosures by Riane Eisler in The Chalice and the Blade, emphasizing the vital importance of co-equal partnerships between men and women as a prerequisite for sustainable human cultures; added The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler, and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown to the Bibliography; edited the Prologue, and other sections, to preserve consistency with major revisions of section I.11.

3 July 2005: V 0.02, revision of I.2. Is Civilization Committing Suicide? in response to The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom. Added The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom, and "Knowledge" by J. Harmon Grahn, to the Bibliography.

24 June 2005: Page numbers added to Contents page, PDF version.

25 May, 2005: Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World, V 0.01, first drafted by J. Harmon Grahn, and published on the Internet.

Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World
Contents | Appendix A | Appendix B