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Mythology for a Post-Civilized World

by J. Harmon Grahn

V 5.1.0
1 April 2008

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Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 J. Harmon Grahn. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections; with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "Appendix A. GNU Free Documentation License".

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Taos, New Mexico


Part I: The Human Predicament
     The Principle of Universal Reciprocity
     Core Assumptions of Western Civilization
     Fatal and Nonfatal Memes
     What I Mean by Myth
     What I Mean by Metaconsciousness
     What I Mean by Tribe
     The Parable of the Tribes
     Why You Should Listen to Me
I.1. Genesis and Evolution of Metaconsciousness
I.2. Is Civilization Committing Suicide?
     The Elements of Metaconscious Entities
     The Cellular Suicide of Civilization
     Challenges & Confirmations for the Myth of Metaconsciousness
     The Barnyard Pecking Order
     Lessons From the Barnyard
I.3. Metaconsciousness Among the Microbes
I.4. Metaconsciousness Among the Quantum Fields
     The Mind-Matter Problem
     The Beginning of "Quantum Weirdness"
     Heisenberg May Have Slept Here
     Yes, but What Does it Mean?
     Additional Contours of the Myth of Metaconsciousness
I.5. The River and the Cataract
     Higher Ground
I.6. The Hacker Tribe
     The Real Meaning of Hacker
     Street-Smart Savvy
     Lessons From the Bazaar
     How Do They Do It?
     Alternatives to "Rolling Over and Playing Dead"
     Metaconsciousness in Action
I.7. Lessons From Life
     People, Wake Up!
     My Approach to Dealing with "Civilization"
     What I Want
I.8. Lessons From History
     The Past 245,000,000 Years
     The Prognosis for Humankind
     Dominator and Partnership Civilizations
     The Rise and Fall of Minoan Crete
     The Revised History of Old Europe
     Lessons From Old Europe
I.9. The Future of the Future
     Perpetual Growth and Expansion
     The Myth of Free Energy
     The Down Side of Free Energy
I.10. September 11, 2001
I.11. Toward a Post-Civilized Mythology
     A Plausible Post-Civilized Mythology
     Elements of the Myth of Metaconsciousness
     If Not This, What?
     Santiago Atitlan
     Social Survival and Collapse
     Easter Island
     Toward a Post-Civilized Mythology

Part II: Open-Source Post-Civilized Mythologies
II.1. A Post-Civilized Creation Myth
II.2. Myth of a Golden Age
     Uncanny Maps
     Ancient Egypt
     The Coral Castle
     Myth of a New Golden Age
     The Masculine/Feminine Nexus
     The Example of the Bonobos
     Gateway to a New Golden Age
II.3. The Myth of Human Destiny
     Learning to Live Within Our Means
     Conditions for Social Success
     The Wider Dimensions of Warfare
     Warfare and Predation
     The Games of Life, and "Win all the Marbles"
     Getting "There" from "Here"
     Open-Source Metaconscious Projects
     Public Key Data Encryption
     The Sometimes Surprising Impacts of New Technologies
II.4. The Myths of Infinity and Hierarchy
     The Large and the Small
     There is no Hierarchy
     The Infinite and the Infinitesimal
II.5. The Myth of Objective Reality
     Infinity and Complementarity, Again
     "Post-Civilized" Physics
     The F-word
     Transition to "Post-Civilization"
     A "Post-Civilized" Myth About Reality
        Cosmological Scale Expansion
II.6. The Myth of Metaconscious Evolution
     "The Edifice of Human Knowledge"
     On Cellular Biology
     The Molecular Microworld of the Cell
     The Cellular Brain
     Evolution of Metaconsciousness
     On Networks
     Emergent Behaviors
II.7. Integration of Mythologies
     The Integral Vision of Ken Wilber
     The Myth of the Given
     Of Parts and Wholes
II.8. The Myths of Life and Death
     Life and Death
     Syntropy and Entropy
     Symbiosis and Predation
     How We Got Here
     The Myth of Inevitability
     An Alternative Myth
  Cumulative Bibliography
  Appendix A. GNU Free Documentation License
  Appendix B. Acknowledgments and Appreciation
  Appendix C. Revision History of This Work

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