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Civilization and Beyond
A Metaconscious Mosaic Outline


Walking Away*

The first – and perhaps the most difficult – step in walking away from Taker culture – civilization – is reaching the decision to do so. The most formidable "sticking point" is not physical logistics – although these certainly have their place in the equation. Before "how to do it" can even be given consideration, one must first disarm the lethal memes that keep one locked into the chain gang:

If the above five statements come anywhere close to approximating your fundamental belief, it is doubtful you are reading this, not to mention forming in your mind the absurd notion of abandoning civilization, end of discussion. In that case, these remarks are not addressed to you, and you should be (and probably are!) reading, or viewing, or paying attention to something entirely else.

On the other hand, if you happen to be here not by accident, welcome! This is being written under the assumption that there is someone, somewhere, reading it; who presumably agrees with me, at least to some extent, that "all is not well with human civilization." If so, then the question spontaneously arises, "What shall we do about it?" and the options are not overwhelmingly numerous.

The more I mull these things over in my mind, the more I find myself returning to the myth of metaconsciousness. Again, the "large-scale" trend of Cosmic evolution seems to be decisively in the direction of ever expanding metaconsciousness. Metaconsciousness – which bears the same relationship to consciousness, intelligence, and creativity that the entire electromagnetic spectrum bears to the band of visible light – is (according to the metaconsciousness myth) spontaneously associated with richness, diversity, variety, complexity, and liberty among components of information-sharing systems. An information-sharing system can be extremely rudimentary: e.g. a red flower petal shares information about itself by selectively reflecting a portion of the sunlight striking it, and absorbing other frequencies. Thus "information-sharing systems" are ubiquitous and omnipresent.

Therefore, I feel justified in saying – mythologically – that the expansion and evolution of metaconsciousness is "the path of the gods." Since the path of Taker culture – the path of civiliation – is to attempt to take the Law of Life out of the hands of the gods, and take it upon them / ourselves, the path of civilization is diametrically counter to the expansion and evolution of metaconsciousness; as we can readily verify by just looking around at the fruits of civilization. Everywhere we turn, we see richness, diversity, variety, complexity, and liberty being "leveled," and replaced by uniformity, homogeneity, and hierarchically regimented simplicity. Civilization, by the very nature of what it fundamentally is, is effectively "at war with the gods," and the enemy of metaconsciousness.

Given that direct confrontation with the momentum of civilization (e.g. fomenting a revolution) is a strategy of already demonstrated ineffectiveness – because it employs means in diametric opposition to its presumed ends – I submit that a strategy more likely to bear satisfactory results is deliberately, intentionally, and systematically to foment metaconsciousness – in every possible venue, in every available way, at every scale within access. This strategy does not require war, confrontation, or any nuance of pre-emptive force. It only prescribes making connections among the billions of potentially information-sharing "cells" that comprise the human race.

I have already suggested some means of implementing this strategy.3 More generally, the fomenting of metaconsciousness may be achieved by overcoming and neutralizing the obstacles within ourselves that hinder making connections among our fellows. Fear is the the most prominent, effective, and omnipresent of the many inhibitors of metaconsciousness. If we fear our neighbors, or those with different mythologies than ours, or those we have never even met, we are far less likely than otherwise to connect with them, or share information with them. If we fear what they may think of us, or what they may do to us if for any reason they think ill of us, we are further inhibited from making connections.

And so... guess what? Look what the pharoahs are doing to the entire world right now: spreading terror everywhere, so thick you can cut it with a knife. The effect of everything they do and say is to sever connections among individuals, to shut down metaconsciousness with fear, mistrust, and mutual, reciprocal enmity; not to mention a proliferating multitude of physical obstacles, such as exhaustive "security checks" at embarkation points for travellers. This is nothing new, really. Divide and conquer has been a "tried and true" strategy for the past ten thousand years, for stifling metaconsciousness and gaining pre-emptive control over the will and action of large populations. It's always "worked" in the past, and it seems to be "working" today – even if it doesn't work in terms of sustainability in the real world.

Well, what if at least some of us cease being terrorized? What if we observe the trend of civilization over the precipice and into the abyss, and decide that there is no "lessor terror," beside that, with any potency for us anymore? Works for me. What have I to be afraid of that is more terrifying than the destruction of the entire planet? That Blue Meanies from Outer Space might invade and take over the Earth? Hell, they already have! The worst that can possibly happen has already happened and is now in headlong progress, today, right now, this very minute. Don't believe me? Better have another look around, Friends; then tell me it isn't so.

Yup, the barbed wire is being strung, the Gestapo is ramping up, and we in the "Pipel's Republik of Amerika" – or the "Pipel's Republik of the World" – could be swept up in a military police state before you can say "Jack Robinson."4 Still think I'm being Chicken Little shouting about the sky falling? Okay, then who do you think destroyed the World Trade Center September 11, 2001? Arabs wielding box-cutters?5

That the "Government-Issue 911 Myth" is a myth says nothing either good or bad about it: everything anyone believes about anything is a myth, for reasons already discussed.6 The relevant questions here are, "Is the 911 Myth useful? Does it improve human conditions, and survival opportunities for humanity, and Life on planet Earth?" There are those for whom the "GI 911 Myth" is essential, whose entire concept of "reality" would utterly disintigrate, were they to entertain the notion that the mythology dished up by the corporate media isn't Gospel. Presumably, any such are not reading this. If any are, Bravo! I salute you. This is not an easy path, and even to glance in the direction I am pointing requires a kind of grim determination that many seem not willing to muster. It is much more pleasant to settle back into comfortable notions that all is well, and that matters of vital importance are in wise and competent hands.

Comfortable is fine; but we're talking survival here, and not just your survival, or mine, but survival of the race, survival of the planet. The human predicament has gone far past comfortable and uncomfortable. Will we survive the winter? Or if we do, will it be behind a razor-wire-topped chain-link fence? These are not "happy thoughts." I wish conditions were such that considering them were far from necessary. I am certainly giving them serious consideration myself, however, and evidently I'm not alone in this. I hope not, anyway, because the "answer" to this that I come up with is fomenting metaconsciousness.


* Source: A Pact With the Devil.

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The above resources didn't show up in response to a search on "'911' or 'world trade center' or 'wtc'." That gets you a surprisingly short (one page) listing of the 911 Myth, Standard (GI) Version; or anyway that's what it got me. You have to go looking for this stuff, but it's out there, and there's more where that came from. Don't take my word for it; check it out for yourself.

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Civilization and Beyond
A Metaconscious Mosaic Outline