The New Paradigm
vol. IV, Number 5

Thursday, January 11, 2001

J. Harmon Grahn, Editor

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[What follows is the fourth in a series of [originally seven, now eight] essays on what I eventually began calling the "WingMakers Myth." The revised "Table of Contents" for the series now stands as stated below.]

  • "Ancient Arrow, Part I," vol. II #10, 4/12/99: "first contact," a preliminary overview and first impression of the WingMakers' Web site;

  • "Ancient Arrow, Part II," vol. II #11, 4/22/99: examination of the possibility the WingMakers material may be an elaborate hoax;

  • "Ancient Arrow, Part III," vol. II #12, 4/26/99: an extended e-mail exchange with Karen Mills in Nelson, New Zealand on some of the implications of the WingMakers' Philosophy;

  • "WingMakers, Revisited, Part I," vol. IV #5, which follows directly: after 21 months, attention is returned to the "WingMakers Myth," prompted by new disclosures;

  • "WingMakers, Revisited, Part II," vol. IV #7, 3/9/01: a "review," or description, of a CD-ROM "E-book" titled WingMakers First Source Volume I, commercially available through the WingMakers' Web site;

  • "WingMakers, Revisited, Part III," vol. IV #8, 3/22/01: a deeper analysis of the WingMakers' Cosmology;

  • "WingMakers, Revisited, Part IV," vol. IV #9, 3/31/01: discussion of some of the implications of OLIN Technology (One Language Intelligent Networks), cryptography, cryptanalysis, and some "Constructive Recommendations" for improvements in forthcoming First Source CD-ROMs.

  • "Ancient Arrow, Part IV," 8/20/03: Takes up yet again the meaning and import of WingMakersTM: The Ancient Arrow Project, prompted by a brief e-mail message.

Dear Friends,

This edition of The New Paradigm was originally intended as a discussion of human relationships, as led into by the concluding paragraph in vol. IV #4. While I was midway in writing it, however, some information was brought to my attention which compelled me to defer that discussion to a later edition, and insert what follows here. This will be somewhat more in line with the discussion of "exotic technologies." I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

What follows is the resurrection of a topic discussed in these pages, now approaching two years ago.1 My attention was drawn back to the WingMakers by an e-mail I received from a new acquaintence named Bonnie:

Date: Friday, January 05, 2001 19:30
Subject: Wingmakers


I just got onto your site and thought I should share with you about "The Wingmakers."  The attached url is Kerry Knight's site and he has current information about "The Wingmakers."  He also has on his site the music from chambers 11-17.  Out of the seventeen songs, my favorite is #2 Wingmakers.  What is great about all the music is it tells a story and if you are visual or clairvoyant, you can also see what the story is about.

Peace, Love and Light,


Freedom Digital Library []There is certainly [no longer] a wealth of new information on Kerry Knight's site, including the first eight chapters of WingMakersTM: The Ancient Arrow Project, 238 pages, .pdf format, freely downloadable, and intensely interesting; and Third Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, 45 pages, also in .pdf format. Additionally, there is an article2 by Kerry Knight giving some brief background to the story behind the Ancient Arrow project and the WingMakers, and some e-mail exchanges with Mark Hempel, who evidently hosts the WingMakers site [].

If all this is new to you, or even if it isn't, I suggest you explore the WingMakers site, which does not seem to have changed significantly since it was discussed in these pages 21 months ago; and/or read as much as you wish of the background articles already mentioned, particularly tnp vol. II #10.

The recently added information disclosed on Kerry Knight's site either further confuses an already confusing issue, or fleshes it out in significant detail. The allegation that the WingMakers site is a hoax, discussed at some length in tnp vol. II #11, has not to my knowledge been either proven or disproved. The nature of the story is such that this controversy may "never" be settled to everyone's satisfaction; yet here we have some highly stimulating (and challenging) information from unknown source(s). What do we do with it? That, of course, is up to you; my inclination is to look at it, evaluate it as best I can, and think about it. I propose here to share some of my thoughts with you, for whatever they may be worth to you.

The "new information" of most compelling interest to me at the moment is the large "WingMakers Book," represented by Mark Hempel in Kerry Knight's article cited above, to be the first 250 pages of a 1050-page manuscript; of which he is in possession of the whole, but has been given permission to publish only the first part. On 3 July 2000 he wrote that he would be publishing it on the WingMakers site "in about two weeks," although at this time it has not yet appeared there. However, as mentioned above, it may be freely downloaded in .pdf format from Kerry Knight's site.

Hempel's story is that he was contacted by an anonymous group and asked to host a Web domain for materials supplied to him. He does not know the identity or location of the group, is paid for his services, and follows directions as regards what materials to publish on the site, and when. There is evidently a timetable for gradual disclosure of more of the WingMakers' materials, and whoever / whatever is behind them is now interested in making the "WingMakers Book" available (in part) to as wide an audience as possible, without going through "conventional" publishing channels.

According to Hempel, there are alleged to be two versions of the book: an accurate version, and a "fictional" version, which uses in places fictional names and locations, but otherwise allegedly tells the story behind the discovery and investigation of the Ancient Arrow site in northern New Mexico, by the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO); and by the super-secret sub-group of the ACIO known (internally) as the Labyrinth Group. It is this second version which Hempel has in his possession, the first eight chapters of which are now available to any who wish to read them.

There are some minor differences between the account given by the book and that originally published on the WingMakers site. The main difference, however, is that the book is vastly more detailed. It is written in the style of a novel, and would make a magnificent basis for a hi-tech thriller screenplay. It is an absorbing read, excellently crafted, well knit together, and sure to be gripping entertainment, if nothing else, to anyone attracted to such productions as The Hunt for Red October or The X-Files.

Additionally, there is the zest of an implicit possibility the story may not be fiction, except in minor detail, but a substantially accurate rendition of actual events. The "fictional" aspect of the story may be there simply to provide an "escape hatch" for those not inclined to believe such an "over the edge yarn."

The main protagonist of the story, who we met in the original WingMakers version on the Web as "Dr. Anderson," is here identified as Dr. Jamisson Neruda, son of a highly placed electrical engineer from Sorata, Bolivia. In 1956 Neruda's father, on a hunting trip, discovered a crashed UFO, and combined with his electronics expertise and government clout, successfully finessed his find into a berth with the ACIO in America. He was a widower; Jamisson, age four, was his only son, and so the boy grew up under the wing of the super-secret agency.3

Jamisson Neruda is gifted with languages, and became a language and cryptography specialist in the ACIO; had graduated into its highest ranks of leadership, and at the time the story opens was being quietly groomed, unbeknownst to himself, for its eventual top position, occupied at present by an individual identified only as "Fifteen." There are 15 levels of security within the ACIO, higher Security Levels having access to information not available to lower SLs. Fifteen, the sole SL-15 in the organization, has access to every part of it. At SL-13, Neruda was immediately subordinate to the Directors, like them, a member of the Labyrinth Group, and headed up the project code-named "Ancient Arrow."

An important peculiarity of the ACIO is its collaborative relationship with a race of extraterrestrials known as the Corteum. What they collaborate on is "exotic technology" of ET origin with significant military, intelligence, or possibly commercial applicability. The ACIO preserves the "pure technology" for its own use, and by extremely subtle and devious means, filters "dilute versions" of these exotic technologies into circulation among other government and industrial agencies. It is by means of these pure technologies, available exclusively to the Labyrinth Group, and to no one else, that they are so successful in securing their position of invulnerability in relation to all other agencies and entities on Earth.

The dramatic tension of the story, or part of it, orbits around the awareness, derived in part, I gather, from the Corteum, and in part from mythological sources, that in the year 2011 the Earth is predicted to be overtaken by a race of synthetic and highly predatory ETs who will conquer and enslave the entire planet, and probably do much mischief besides. Fifteen, who Neruda respects as the most intelligent and powerful man on Earth, has been long convinced that the only technology powerful enough to defeat this predicted invasion is so-called "Blank Slate Technology" (BST), or interactive time travel, giving the wielder of the technology the power to alter events selectively in times other than the "present." BST is for Fifteen the "Holy Grail," the apex of all technologies, and securing it is the core agenda of the Labyrinth Group. The master of BST is truly free of all threats and dangers; and Fifteen sees the mission of perfecting this technology prior to the predicted invasion as vital, for it provides the means whereby the invading race can be diverted, and never even become aware of Earth's existence.

As the story develops, it becomes evident to Neruda and Fifteen that the WingMakers, the unseen and unknown entities who created the Ancient Arrow site, may be representatives of the Central Race, the "Gods" who are the prototypical source and creators of all human races in the universe; including, naturally, ourselves. Their philosophy is, incidentally, very much in harmony with the writings in The New Paradigm, and their express interest is in the evolution, spiritual and otherwise, of humanity on Earth; and not only of humanity, but of the entire planet, and all life forms on it. Read "Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral" and "The Shifting Models of Existence"4 to get a thorough sense of the "flavor" of the WingMakers' stated philosophy and purpose.

Now, I think it important here to underline the sense conveyed by the story that Fifteen and the Labyrinth Group are not cast as "bad guys," for all their exclusive power and carefully guarded secrets. They are, in their way, highly developed visionaries, of high purpose and high ideals. Although the story is primarily about them and how they marshal their technological, analytical, and intuitive resources to solve the inscrutable and multifold mysteries of the WingMakers, and very little is said directly about the WingMakers themselves; nevertheless, an almost subliminal stark contrast emerges between their mentalities and that of the WingMakers.

There is a plot twist in the midst of the story in which it develops that the University of New Mexico students, who originally discovered the mysterious artifact in the desert canyon that got the whole episode going in the first place, take on the potential of becoming a significant breach of security that could possibly compromise the secrecy of the project, drawing the attention of rival government agencies to the clandestine activities of the Labyrinth Group. The only solution to this dilemma these highly developed visionaries of high purpose and high ideals are able to come up with is to rub the students out. "There are days when I think our mission objectives collide with morality so violently that every atom in my body recoils from the impact," moans Fifteen. "This is one of those days."5 He signs the order nevertheless, and it is executed: the students are murdered in their apartment.

Or again, there is the sub-plot of Samantha, the most gifted Remote Viewer (RV) the ACIO have ever had in their organization. She is young, innocent, honest, loyal, and profoundly adept at psychic projection and observation of remote locations in time and space. She does not have the high SL of the Directors, but she is an invaluable asset to their team. It is she who pilots the other team members into the Ancient Arrow excavation in the canyon wall, and later on makes observational contact with the beings who are speculatively believed to be the WingMakers, and who Fifteen believes to be representatives of the Central Race.

Fifteen is very insistent that during her RV excursions Samantha not make contact with the beings she encounters, or draw their attention to her presence, but only observe and report. Under "normal" circumstances this should be no problem, because usually an RV is invisible in the environment she is viewing. However, the beings Samantha encounters sense her presence immediately, and attempt to contact her. Probably "attempt" is entirely the wrong word, for the Central Race evidently need not "attempt" anything. Among other things, they create worlds and solar systems.

Anyway, this development greatly alarms Fifteen, for he is convinced that if the Central Race learn of his plans to develop BST, they will take whatever measures are necessary to prevent it, because they will evaluate it as too powerful a technology to be entrusted to such as the human inhabitants of Earth. And this, he fears, will leave Earth vulnerable to the pending invasion; for Fifteen does not trust that whatever measures the Central Race may have lined up to defend Earth against the invaders, will be strong enough to withstand them. Solution: Samantha's mind must be wiped clean of her encounters with the Central Race. Ultimately, she is taken off the project altogether and forced to submit to a complete erasure of her memory that such a project had ever existed in her life experience.

Now I do not know how the story turns out, because there are only eight chapters available at present. However the feature of the story that strikes me most profoundly is that Fifteen and the Labyrinth Group come out looking indistinguishable in character, albeit on a smaller scale, from the predatory invaders of Earth anticipated in the year 2011. Fifteen may be the smartest, most astute, and most powerful man on Earth, but he is clearly filled with fear and anxiety, and he is intransigently intolerant of any situation in which someone else knows something to which he is not privy. This is most emphatically not "a two-way street." Everyone in the Labyrinth Group, for instance, is wired with a subcutaneous computer chip, by means of which their exact location anywhere on Earth can be ascertained at the press of a switch, and their softest whisper recorded. And guess who has his hands on the levers of control of all this invasive technology? Who has the power, and uses it decisively, without hesitation, and with only momentary "moral collisions," to wipe out the memory of selected experiences in the minds of other humans, or even to wipe out other humans entirely, at the slightest "threat" that they may compromise his overarching agenda? Fifteen.

Nevertheless, Neruda, now aware himself of his position as designated "heir apparent," as we already know, defects; which is the only reason, presumably, allegedly, we have this story to contemplate. The eight available chapters take us only to the point at which Neruda reaches the irrevocable decision to defect, but does not describe his defection, or subsequent developments.

Whether the story is literally true or not, it seems to me, is practically irrelevant. It succeeds in what I perceive to be its most probable intent: it holds a mirror up to ourselves and discloses a clear choice between what we have been, and what we can become. Fifteen, notwithstanding all his power, brilliance, and all the exotic technologies at his exclusive command, is nevertheless surrounded by fear. So had Neruda been; how could it have been otherwise? He was raised practically from infancy in the shadow of the ACIO, and had always looked up to Fifteen as a second father. Yet even at that, when he really sees the alternatives, he walks away. He makes a different choice, which is the prerogative of every One, every moment, of every day. It is the way of the Sovereign Integral.

The "old paradigm" / "new paradigm" contrast between Fifteen's mentality and that of the WingMakers is clearly pointed up for me when he reads a passage to Neruda out of a book written by the Corteum:

Thumbing to a specific page, his eyes smiled like a leprechaun as he began to read aloud. "The Central Race is blessed with the identity of God instilled in them just as strong as man is endowed with the identity of an animal, humbled by an ego, so compelling as to render him incapable of understanding his creator."6

That is the Corteum view, and Fifteen's view, of humanity: "endowed with the identity of an animal, humbled by an ego, so compelling as to render him incapable of understanding his creator." However, this is what the WingMakers have to say, in part, about humanity:

First Source is the ancestor of all beings and life forms, and in this truth, is the ground of unity upon which we all stand. The journey of unification - of creature finding its creator - is the very heart of the human soul, and in this journey, the unalterable feeling of wholeness is the reward. Every impulse of every electron is correlated to the whole of the universe in its eternal ascent Godward. There is no other direction we can go.7

Not only every human, say the WingMakers (and says Harmon), but every creature, and even every electron, is embarked upon an "eternal ascent Godward." It cannot possibly be otherwise, for there is no other Source from which we could have sprung; consequently, "There is no other direction we can go." Fifteen, his colleagues, the Corteum, and countless others gripped by fear and uncertainty may doubt it, deny it, or fail utterly to comprehend it; nevertheless, this is true. (If not, then I for one, am hopelessly confused.)

As for the threat of the pending invasion of Earth, it is only natural that Fifteen, with his determination of mind, should become aware of such a threat, and attract it to himself, and to his world. Here's something else the WingMakers have to say:

All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing rooms for the manifestation of belief. Within these energy systems are currents that direct your life experience. You are aware of these currents either consciously or subconsciously, and you allow them to carry you into the realm of experience that best exemplifies your true belief system. When you believe "I am a fragment of First Source imbued with ITS capabilities," you are engaging the energy inherent within the feeling of connectedness. You are pulling into your reality a sense of connection to your Source and all of the attributes therein. The belief is inseparable from you because its energy system is assimilated within your own energy system and is woven into your spirit like a thread of light.8

Therefore, by far the most effective "defense against" the invaders expected in 2011 would be - not to expect them. Expect instead that "I am a fragment of First Source imbued with ITS capabilities." Frankly, I feel a whole lot more comfortable with that than with placing reliance upon the hope that some brilliant cosmic strategist will figure out BST in time to divert the invaders and save the Earth - and incidentally rub out the memory or the life of anyone who might presume to thwart his (highly secret) agenda.9 How about you?

I hope I have not revealed so much of the story as to ruin it for you, but rather have spurred you to read it yourself. I wrote the above primarily because something Mark Hempel wrote gave me the vague impression that the source of the WingMakers materials are observing our response to them. I just wanted to be sure and express my take on these materials, for whatever it's worth to whoever reads it. I'm having it borne in upon me that there are rather large stakes in the decisions the human race make within the span of the next very few years. No one can make these decisions for the human race as a whole; yet each of us can make them for ourselves, no matter who we are, or what our particular situations may be; for ultimately, whether we realize it or not, each of us is Sovereign. I suspect the WingMakers are anxious to encourage each of us to arrive at exactly this realization.

Love & Light,

[To be continued in "WingMakers, Revisited, Part II"]


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