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Freedom Digital Library []The New Paradigm was launched Monday, 8 December 1997 as a spontaneous contribution to an ongoing discussion in an on-line forum. It took the shape of a series of essays, mostly by me (Harmon), some by other contributors, which are divided up into annual volumes spanning almost four years. The Inaugural Edition is reproduced in its entirety at the bottom of the listing for The New Paradigm, vol. I, followed by selected subsequent editions, the most recent at the top of the list for each volume. The concluding edition, vol. IV #17, was distributed Sunday, 11 November 2001, bringing to a close a random walk among a spectrum of ideas and intuitions which have taken on some of the contours for me of what I have been calling a "new paradigm."

Nothing comes to an end, however, without something else having a beginning. In this case, I have been given such warm encouragement in response to #17, and to The New Paradigm in general, some of which is recorded anonymously on the (Mostly) Kudos page, that I have decided to attempt, in collaboration with as many others as possible, a more rounded, less "one-sided" exploration of what may still be called "new paradigm" thought. What has gone before, upon reflection, seems to have been, for me, "field notes" for what is to follow: a comprehensive, distributed, and expanding information resource we call the Freedom Digital Library.

All commentary may be addressed here.

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The New Paradigm Archive

1-38 12/8/97-11/23/98 The New Paradigm, vol. I
1-24 12/5/98-11/19/99 The New Paradigm, vol. II
1-14 12/8/99-11/23/00 The New Paradigm, vol. III
1-17 12/8/00-11/11/01 The New Paradigm, vol. IV
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