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1-38 12/8/97-11/23/98 The New Paradigm, vol. I
1-24 12/5/98-11/19/99 The New Paradigm, vol. II
1-17 12/8/00-11/11/01 The New Paradigm, vol. IV
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Edition Date The New Paradigm, vol. III
14 11/23/00 "Vote!"
by Harmon
13 11/13/00 "Critique of
'A Memorandum of Law'"
by Harmon
Affidavit of Identity
12 11/5/00 "Creation Myths"
by Harmon
11 8/19/00 "A Memorandum of Law on the Name"
Part 3 of 3
10 8/19/00 "A Memorandum of Law on the Name"
Part 2 of 3
9 8/19/00 "Launch of the Free Digital Library"
by Harmon
"A Memorandum of Law on the Name"
Part 1 of 3
8 5/18/00 "Press Release - RAID on MAY 10, 2000"
by World Community Educational Society
"Subject: guns" [Source: unknown]
by Robert W. Lee, The New American
"Government & Law"
by Harmon
7 2/26/00 "Charter for the
Free Universal Encyclopedic Library"
By Harmon [updated 3/15/00]
6 2/14/00 "Content and Scope of a
Free Universal Encyclopedia"
By Harmon
5 2/5/00 "The Free Universal Encyclopedia
and Learning Resource"
By Richard Stallman
4 1/26/00 "The World Wide Web"
by Harmon
3 1/3/00 "The Year Zero"
by Harmon
2 12/8/99 "CE-IV, Part II"
by Harmon
1 12/8/99 "CE-IV, Part I"
by Harmon

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