The New Paradigm

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1-38 12/8/97-11/23/98 The New Paradigm, vol. I
1-24 12/5/98-11/19/99 The New Paradigm, vol. II
1-14 12/8/99-11/23/00 The New Paradigm, vol. III
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Edition Date The New Paradigm, vol. IV
17 11/11/01 "What I Have Learned"
by Harmon
16 10/24/01 "Our Future Now"
by J. Harmon Grahn & Sharie Rose Ramsey
"Where is the Free Digital Library?"
by Harmon
15 9/28/01 "Peace, Be Still, Part III"1
by Various Authors
14 9/28/01 "Peace, Be Still, Part II"
by Harmon
13 9/17/01 "Peace, Be Still, Part I"
by Harmon
"The World of Free Energy"
by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
12 7/11/01 "Creating Reality"
by Harmon
11 5/1/01 "I Love You"
by Harmon
"On Sexuality and Reproduction - Terra Style"
by the Hosts of Heaven
10 4/15/01 "New Beginnings, Part V"
by Harmon
9 3/31/01 "WingMakers, Revisited, Part IV"
by Harmon
8 3/22/01 "WingMakers, Revisited, Part III"
by Harmon
7 3/9/01 "WingMakers, Revisited, Part II"
by Harmon
6 2/14/01 "New Beginnings, Part IV"
by Harmon
5 1/11/01 "WingMakers, Revisited, Part I"
by Harmon
4 1/1/01 "New Beginnings, Part III"
by Harmon
3 12/22/00 "Principles To Live By"
by Dale Reece
"Unconditional Love:
Love Without Condition"
Author Unknown
2 12/18/00 "New Beginnings, Part II"
by Harmon
1 12/8/00 "New Beginnings, Part I"
by Harmon

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1. Titles bearing a superscripted 1 are specifically excluded from the Free Digital Library.