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Freedom Digital Library []The purpose of the following collection of WingMakers' text files is to expand their general availability and accessibility to as wide an audience as possible, and to facilitate their free exchange among all who have an interest in them. They originally appeared in a proprietary format, and it was not entirely clear to what extent, or under what circumstances it was intended by their creators that they should be shared. This, in collaboration with Mark Hempel, Webmaster of the WingMakers' Web site, has herewith been clarified.

The text files listed below either originally appeared on the WingmakersTM First Source Volume I CD-ROM, or have become available since its release; and in either case are available in .PDF format through the WingMakers' Web site. The listed files are copyright © by WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved, rendered into HTML format, with permission, by J. Harmon Grahn, and may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any medium, provided the following generic statement is also conveyed:

[Document Title] copyright © [yyyy] WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included.

There are certain typographical and page layout differences between the HTML files listed below and the .PDF originals from which they were derived. The reason for this is to maximize accessibility by making them as simple as possible. Therefore, the HTML coding is in deliberate compliance with the HTML 3.2 specification as recommended by the W3C, and the graphic images that in some instances appear in the originals are excluded from their HTML counterparts collected here.

The original text is set in various "sans serif" fonts; however, for the sake of simplicity it was deemed best to allow the HTML files to appear in the default font displayed by the browser viewing them.

Additionally, all "special characters" in the originals, not included in the basic ASCII keyboard character set, have been replaced with their standard ASCII counterparts; e.g. "hyphens" replace all "em-dashes" in the original text; "intelligent quotes," single and double, have been replaced by their standard ASCII keyboard counterparts; single-character ellipsis (...) have been replaced by a succession of three dots. Also, constructions of the kind, "this/that" have been rendered as "this / that," in order to facilitate graceful word wrapping for unpredictably sized text blockes displayed upon unpredictably sized screens.

The original .PDF files are paginated, and to facilitate locating quotes within their HTML counterparts, it was felt useful in most cases to retain this pagination. Accordingly, there is a parenthetical notation of the form, [page N of M] embedded in the HTML text, corresponding to a page break in the original .PDF file. However, pagination is not in all cases exactly duplicated, because in the original files paragraphs sometimes straddle page breaks. It was felt, due to the nature of how HTML pages are displayed, that such page breaks should be inserted at the beginning, or in rare instances at the end, of the paragraph in which they occur, instead of exactly where they occur within the original text.

The resulting HTML files have been compared, paragraph by paragraph, with their .PDF counterparts, and occasional typographic errors have been encountered within the original text. In instances where the error and its correction are obvious, such as the failure to close quotes at the end of a quotation, the error has been corrected, and noted in an invisible comment within the source HTML code. In instances where the error or possible irregularity is of a more "peculiar" nature, such as in First Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, page 9, the notation [sic] is inserted beside the element in doubt.

If you wish to comment upon, or point out errors in, the following files, you may contact me by e-mail at

Love & Light,

[J. Harmon Grahn, Editor]

The alleged discovery and investigation of the Ancient Arrow site in northern New Mexico is chronicled in "fictionalized" form in a 1050-page manuscript, of which the first eight chapters, 239 pages, have so far been published.

Five interviews were allegedly conducted in December 1997 and January 1998 by anonymous journalist, "Sarah" with ACIO defector Dr. Jamisson Neruda. The following four have so far been published.

There is allegedly a WingMakers' Philosophy treatise associated with each chamber of the Ancient Arrow site, of which the following four have so far been made public. Additionally, there is an extensive Glossary of terms found in the WingMakers' Philosophy, a small portion of which has been made public, and is reproduced here. To aid research, the Glossary entries have been keyed to links within the texts of the Philosophy documents. Because such links are many and repetative, to minimize their obtrusiveness, they are rendered within the Philosophy documents in a slightly contrasting shade of dark gray.

There are said to be 46 poems, two associated with each of the 23 chambers of the Ancient Arrow site, of which those reproduced below have to date come to light.

The WingmakersTM First Source Volume I disc contains a series of "secret" files which are somewhat more challenging to find than others on the disc, and three of which are attributed to First Source.

Additional miscellaneous files associated with the WingMakers become available from time to time, and will make their appearance below.