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"Dear Ones" [Letter from James] copyright © 2000 WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included.

Dear Ones,

My friend, Sarah De Rosnay, has introduced me as James. I have read her introduction in her Letter of Disclosure. I assume you have done the same if you are reading this letter.

I am a simple man who lives for a singular mission, and the First Source discs are the fruits of this mission. There will be many stories about this disc and those that will follow. For reasons I'm certain you understand, my identity will be purposely clouded, and I encourage you to not worry about who I am, who I have been, or what my role is.

Despite what Sarah wrote and believes, I am not a messiah. As surprising as it may sound, neither was Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or Krishna. It's true that these were great teachers and exemplars of the human race, but they did not incarnate to liberate people, nor construct enduring religions that sheathed their teachings in the scabbard of time.

They simply had a clearer connection to First Source, earned by their penetrating visions of the universal mind, which anchored them in their personal wisdom. They were leaders because they chose to share this personal wisdom with their fellow men, hoping that in doing so, others would find their way into their own personal wisdom, too.

I have been here many times before with names you would recognize, but this incarnation is different, and I vow to remain unknown, even fictional. My soul is no different in nature than yours. I have a body, and therefore, I have my frailties - in some ways, just like you. I am not someone to worship, and I am purposely intangible to ensure this will not occur because it will only stand in the way of our mission.

The new souls that are incarnating over the next one hundred years represent the vital change agents who will be in a position to stipulate that cosmology, art, and metaphysics become the forces that revitalize humanity's role as responsible stewards of earth. It is an extremely important time in human history, and the First Source discs will find their way to select individuals and help anchor them in their personal wisdom.

I have created a portal for the consciousness of First Source to contact the consciousness of an individual in a manner that has never been done before. This connection will catalyze new forms of energy to flow through the minds of those individuals, enabling them to create the necessary technologies, art forms, and discoveries that bring about the new cosmology of First Source.

Moreover, the First Source discs will impact on all people; even those who will never read, look, or listen, and these will be in the majority I assure you. These teachings are designed for the entire planet despite the relatively small number who will actively immerse within the story and utilize this portal.

I hope you understand and honor my intentional obscurity. I also hope you will understand the format in which this portal was constructed. There is no intention to deceive you or create the impression of a hoax. I merely placed the WingMakers' website into the public domain as a platform for releasing the First Source discs. The discs will be the official record of my communication, the website will become more of a communication and update center for the discs.

The WingMakers' website created controversy and debate, and many have delighted in debunking its authenticity. Those who debate whether it is true or not true, have diminished their sight of the truth that is woven into its structure. It is my hope that the First Source discs will reunite them with the purpose of this project and calm the debate.

The disc is a tool, and like all tools, its value is directly related to how it is deployed or utilized in one's life. If you study this tool, it will supply you with a detailed instruction manual for its proper utilization. It is multi-layered and metaphorically structured in parallel with the universe, and new aspects of this disc may be activated in the future.

While my personality will always seem intangible, know that I am in this disc more vividly than any teacher that has come before to your planet. It is my nature to live in the universal mystery and personal clarity of my Self. When you are in accord, you will find me with you.

December 2000

"Dear Ones" [Letter from James] copyright © 2000 WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included.

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