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Winter Hoarfrost Late Snow Burgeoning Spring Lush Summer Late Summer Peak Autumn Late Autumn

Above are links to a selected eight, out of several hundred photographs of Earth's annual circuit about the Sun, as viewed, perhaps, by a bird perched occasionally upon a particular fencepost. Each triangular region in the composite image is a fragment of a larger photograph characteristic of a different season or weather condition; each of which is reproduced whole on a separate page. Click on the triangle you wish to see whole, and the corresponding whole image will replace the above composite; click on the whole image to return to the composite above.

The photographic series, "Eight Seasons" copyright © 2006 by J. Harmon Grahn. Images may be reproduced in any medium, in altered or unaltered form, provided this copyright notice is also conveyed. Contact me about use of high-resolution versions of these or other photographs.

Digital Art and Logo Design

Ray Tracing Aspens Drawing with Bezier Curves
Custom Charts Logo Design

Above are a few examples of our graphic / photographic creations, which we are continuously developing. Click on an image for expanded views and commentaries.

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