HARMONHOUSETM Designs: A Holistic Design Studio

"Satisfying Design is a combination of many components, assembled with creativity, purpose, and care, to achieve a result greater than the sum of its parts."

Yes, and we do dot our is and cross our ts.

HARMONHOUSETM Designs brings to bear a unique blend of expressive imagination and meticulous care upon a wide spectrum of digital and print communication projects:

Our overarching service is communication. This involves not only the technicalities of HTML editing and digital graphic design, but includes the subtle nuances of word meaning, clarity, construction, spatial organization, and many unique imponderables which, when done successfully, are hardly even noticed, yet contribute significantly to the primary objective of communicating your message effectively.

We believe that communication is something that goes more than "skin deep." Accordingly, we do all our HTML coding "by hand" in a plain ASCII text editor, in compliance with specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); with the objective, among others, of ensuring that our page designs are easily accessible to Any Browser. Thus, not only are our pages crisp and clear, our HTML code is crisp, clear, and purposeful as well, making it easy to understand, and to edit. For a demonstration, consult the "Show Source" command on any of our, or our clients' pages.

If you resonate with our style and approach to communication, and require assistance with a digital or print communication project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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