The Wellspring Library

Following are links to the Web pages of clients displaying work by HARMONHOUSE™ Designs:

  • The Wellspring Publishing Group:
    "A virtual community 'almost, but not quite, entirely unlike' a 'school,' or a 'learning institution,' as these labels are usually applied in contemporary human culture."

  • The Alternative Medicine Practice of Dr. Ellen Feingold:
    "Homeopathy is a system of medicine over 200 hundred years old, which uses your body's natural healing abilities to cure your ailments."

  • HomeopathiCare:
    Homeopathic Health Care Consultations For The Whole Family. Principal Lia Bello R.N., family nurse practitioner FNP, certified in Classical Homeopathy CCH, has commissioned HARMONHOUSE™ Designs to assume general site maintenance.

  • Melissa M. Fellner, Drawings and Paintings, Taos, New Mexico:
    "My drawings and paintings from Taos represent the spirituality and aura of this beautiful and ancient landscape. Taos is surrounded by 12,000-foot mountains, forests, and wide mesa landscapes that are rifted by the Río Grande Gorge."

  • Taos Adobe Quilting:
    "a well established quilt shop in the heart of Taos, an enchanted northern New Mexico town in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains."

  • Taos Destination Connection Team:
    Using proven ingenuity, enthusiasm and integrity to create memorable experiences for your guests, and ours.

  • Your Internet / Digital Communication Project Here:
    If you resonate with our style and approach to communication, and require assistance with a digital print or audio communication project, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.