Following are examples of the kinds of work we do at HARMONHOUSE™ Designs.
  • Web page design, HTML coding and editing, site maintenance:
    The HARMONHOUSE™ Designs Website serves as an example; further examples are available on the HHD Clients page.

  • Typesetting, book design, brochure design:
    An early example is Harmon's April, 2008 book, Metaconsciousness: Mythology for a Post-Civilized World, available here in PDF format (312 pp., 12.9 MB), along with the cover art, also in PDF format (1 p., 1.6 MB). A more recent example is Harmon's September, 2010 essay, The Writing on the Wall #1: "Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Everything is Out of Control!", available here in PDF format (30 pp., 167.0 kB). Additionally, an audio version of the opening section of the essay is available below in the Audio recording section of this page.

  • Digital art, photography, image editing, logo design:
    Graphics take such a rich variety of forms, for an equal variety of purposes, that it is impossible to find one or a few that are truely "representative." Photographs may be combined with drawings, or fractal geometry, or selected fonts, etc., to create effects of literally limitless variety, to meet purposes limited only by human imagination. Briefly, suffice it to say that appropriate images may be created to meet the purposes of the client with a message, or an idea; and that this is ideally a collaborative venture. Examples are the banner at the top of this page, or the collage on the Home Page; yet these only hint at endless possibilities. Inquire within.

  • Copy writing, editing, copy-fitting, proofreading:
    The HARMONHOUSE™ Designs Website is filled with examples of all of these. They are the natural byproducts of the meticulous care with which we do everything. We cannot claim to be entirely free of error at all times; but we take every possible measure to keep errors to a minimum, and to correct those that slip by, as soon as they are discovered.

  • Audio rendering of text content:
    This is the most recent addition to the HARMONHOUSE™ Designs menu of services; examples of which may be heard as Harmon's reading of The Fool's Prayer by Edward Rowland Sill, 1841-1887 (02:33, 12.9 MB), and The Witch of Fife by James Hogg, 1770-1835 (17:33, 88.6MB). The text of these poems is in the public domain, and Harmon's reading of them may be used non-commercially, with attribution. An audio version of Section 1. A Conversation (06:38, 33.5MB) from The Writing on the Wall #1 by J. Harmon Grahn, is also available here; and as mentioned above, the entire essay is available here in PDF format.