Data protection is the process of protecting critical data from damage, destruction or loss and ensuring its successful recovery in the event of inaccessibility or lack of access.Data protection must ensure that data is not compromised, is used only for authorized purposes, and complies with applicable legal or regulatory requirements. Protected data must be accessible […]

What is a headless CMS? A headless CMS is any type of backend content management system where the “body” content storage is separated or decoupled from the “header” presentation layer. Content stored in a headless CMS is delivered via an API so that it can be seamlessly displayed across multiple devices.Some traditional CMS platforms offer […]

Why have website design costs risen? Like everything else, the cost of redesigning a website depends largely on supply and demand. When the Internet was relatively new, businesses didn’t understand the true value of a website and therefore weren’t willing to pay high prices.Today, a website is one of the first things a business considers […]